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Holden announces Opel will power future line-up

Holden has announced that more than one-third of its future line-up will be sourced from Opel in Europe. Will the Commodore replacement be an Opel Insignia?

AN ANNOUNCEMENT by Executive Vice President and President of GM Europe, Karl-Thomas Neumann, at the Pairs Motor Show confirms that more than one-third of Holden’s future product line-up will be sourced from Europe and, in particular Opel. “I’m very excited about the role our great products will play in the resurgence of the Holden brand, by being able to provide more than one-third of Holden’s future product line-up,” Mr Neumann said.

This announcement by Neumann lends fuel to the fire that Holden’s Commodore replacement would most likely be the Opel Insignia. He said: “Spearheaded by Opel’s DRIVE! 2022 strategy, we are making significant investments in new models, engines, transmissions and testing facilities to ensure we deliver truly world class products to our export markets like Australia.”

Holden’s Chairman and Managing Director, Gerry Dorizas, confirmed the decision, stating the three European-sourced vehicles to be launched in Australia in 2015 would be just the start of things to come.

“We are absolutely committed to bringing the best possible products from GM’s global portfolio to Australian customers to support a strong and exciting future for Holden,” Mr Dorizas said.

“Holden and Opel share very similar core brand values, including our commitment to performance, engineering excellence, vehicle dynamics and technology, which makes this such a strong and obvious partnership.

“Opel’s commitment to performance and quality aligns perfectly with Holden’s heritage and brand and in turn, these fantastic vehicles will benefit from being backed by one of Australia’s strongest brands and biggest dealer networks.”

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober