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HAVAL drops prices and offers driveaway deals

New market entrant HAVAL has reduced prices across its entire range, and offered driveaway deals as an EOFY sales campaign…

HAVAL IS NOW offering very significant savings on their range of SUVs as the original launch prices reported in October 2015 have mostly been lowered, and those launch prices were exclusive of on-road costs.

Savings are generally between $2000-$3000 on the list price, which is before the absorbed on-road costs are considered. The model least changed is the H9, which has only a $1000 drop for the top-spec Lux, and none for the Premium.

HAVALs were always sharp value, and this has improved the deal still further. There’s also the five-year, 100,000 km warranty with free roadside assistance.

“Our company motto is ‘improve little by little every day’. We are confident this new pricing strategy will continue to improve our standing with local customers,” Managing Director Parker Shi said.

Now while the deal is sharp, HAVAL wouldn’t have done this if their cars were strong sellers. Our test of the H9 showed it is a very decent car, but the quality of the car doesn’t always have a lot to do with how it sells.

These prices are, according to HAVAL, “until the end of the financial year only”.

In other HAVAL news, there are five more dealers opening in September/October 2016 (in Victoria, SA and Queensland), bringing the total dealerships to eleven.  Two new models are planned;  the H6 will be on sale in the latter part of this year, and the H7 a year later.

HAVAL pricing as of June 2016

We’ve listed below the current pricing and compared it with the launch pricing.

Model, current driveaway pricing / launch pricing which excluded on-road costs.

H2 PREMIUM 4X2 M/T           $23,990 / $26,490
H2 PREMIUM 4X2 A/T            $24,990 / $28,490
H2 PREMIUM AWD M/T         $26,490 / $28,990

H2 LUX 4X2 M/T                     $25,990 / $28,490
H2 LUX 4X2 A/T                       $26,990 / $30,490
H2 LUX AWD M/T                   $28,490 / $30,990

H8 PREMIUM 4X2 A/T             $38,990  / $41,990
H8 PREMIUM AWD A/T          $41,990 / $44,990
H8 LUX AWD A/T                    $44,990 / $ 48,990

H9 PREMIUM 4X4 A/T            $46,490 / $46,490
H9 LUX 4X4 A/T                       $49,990 / $50,990

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper