The covers have come off the 2017 Haval H7 at the Beijing Motor Show, available as either a five- or seven-seater it will go on-sale here in late 2017.

THE 2017 HAVAL H7 has been revealed at the Beijing Motor Show overnight with Haval saying the importance of the Australian market meant it had developed the H7 with the wants and needs of Australian drivers in mind.

“It’s a very important vehicle for us and for the Australian market,” said HAVAL Design Vice President Pierre Leclercq.

“Australia is a very important market for us. It is one of our first export markets and we know how popular SUVs are with Australian customers.”

“The H7 is the latest example of how hard we are working to develop quality products that Australian customers will be proud to own.”

Sitting on a new platform, the H7 slots in between the H8  and the H9, which we’ve recently tested tested off-road. The smaller H6 will arrive here later this year, giving the Chinese car maker a spread of product across the SUV segment.

The H7 runs a 2.0-litre turbocharged direct injection petrol engine, producing 170kW and 355Nm of torque, matched to a Getrag six-speed dual clutch transmission. The H7 will offer adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, 360 degree view, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and forward collision warning. Inside, the H7 has a new TFT instrument panel and a large, 12-inch multi-media monitor in the centre of the dashboard.

haval H7 interior

Pricing and final specification will be announced closer to the official launch next year.


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  1. You would have to say the havel dream here has been a total disaster, just like every other Chinese player here, G/W did ok in the early days but the Japs lowered prices and they got screwed

    They must be bleeding money in insane amounts, HQ dont care, just like MG

    WHY would you buy a unknown, mediocre, unproven, bottom of the tree, overpriced etc, did they really think Aussie;s where that dumb?

    Silly them thinking they could set up shop open the door and sales would fly out the door, ask Proton how it is here, its a very very tough market, seasoned players with loyal customers

    Not only offering nothing over and above what is already here, wanting top dollar for it!!

    How many *real* sales have they made?

    RANT over, you guys cannot write the above, just because, but i can 🙂

    1. What justification do you have for saying HAVAL is a disaster?

      It’ll take a while to set up a brand and establish a presence, and particularly for for HAVAL which has two problems; aiming at luxury, and Chinese. There is a massive amount of prejudice against Chinese car brands of which your post is just one example.

      HAVAL products are only unknown here, they aren’t overpriced or mediocre, or at least the H9 wasn’t. If it was I’d certainly have said so.

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