GM is recalling more than 6000 Australian-built Chevrolet Caprice police cars due to a power steering defect.

GM HAS ISSUED a recall on 6280 Chevrolet Caprice police cars produced in Australia due to a defect in their power steering which can result in failure of the system. GM said: “Subject to the extended idling times and elevated temperatures experienced in typical police applications, these vehicles may experience loss of electric power steering (EPS) assistance while driving or idling as a result of fretting corrosion on the connector between the EPS module and the torque sensor”.

The recall was issued after complaints were made by the LaGrange Illinois Police Department regarding loss of power steering assistance in its Chevrolet Caprice fleet. The complaint ended up back here in Australia with an internal audit by Holden assessors revealing that the dielectric grease which was applied to the torque sensor harness to address fretting corrosion, didn’t provide sufficient protection during the heavy usage schedules of police vehicles.

The remedy will involve epoxy being applied to the back of the sensor module on affected vehicles. From March 11 this year, Holden began applying epoxy to the back of the sensor to protect against fretting corrosion, so the recall only affects vehicles produced between 2014 and before 11 March 2016.


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