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European and American 2015 Toyota Corolla to sell in Australia

Toyota Australia will offer two versions of the refreshed 2015 Toyota Corolla in Australia when it goes on-sale here in the next few weeks.

TOYOTA AUSTRALIA will offer both the European and American versions (pictured) of the refreshed 2015 Toyota Corolla when the vehicle goes on-sale locally in the next few weeks. “Local buyers will have the choice of two distinct looks for the latest hatch, derived from new designs unveiled at recent motor shows in Geneva and New York,” Toyota Australia said.

The Corolla Ascent and Ascent Sport variants will be based on the refreshed European Toyota Auris, while the second “more aggressive” design will be reserved for the Corolla SX and ZR hatchbacks which are based on the iM hatch from Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion brand in the US.

Toyota describes the design of the Euro-spec Corolla, “It displays a more prominent Toyota logo at the front, flanked by chrome ‘wings’, new headlight clusters, a more prominent front bumper and a lower grille that runs the full width of the car.” 

While it says this of the US-spec variants, “Its sharp features include a body aero kit along with a distinctive piano-black honeycomb mesh pattern for its upper grille, hexagonal lower grille and side bezels”.

American and European 2015 Toyota Corolla to sell in Australia

Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said both design themes for the new Corolla hatch produced a greater road presence with a visually broader stance.

“We are spicing up the Corolla hatch range with two distinct looks – the classic redesign seen in the European car and the added spark displayed by the sporty-looking US car,” Cramb said.

“In Australia, we can draw on the global strength of Toyota to offer compelling designs for cars like Corolla that stand out in the market and offer maximum appeal to buyers who have different tastes,” he said.

“This underscores Toyota’s ability to ensure Corolla moves with the times to meet the changing needs of Australian drivers and their families.”

In each of the past two years, Corolla has led its hotly contested market segment and claimed the title as Australia’s best-selling car. It is also leading this year’s title race.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober