Chinese drivers Han Ye and Zhang Shengjun have set two Guinness World Records, for the tightest parallel park and donut drift around a car on two wheels.

CHINESE DRIVER Han Ye has set two Guinness World Records a day apart. The first record which went viral on the internet saw him parallel park a MINI in a space that was just 8cm longer than the MINI three-door hatch he was driving. That effort saw Han snip 0.6cm off the previous record set in 2013 by UK driver Alastair Moffatt (8.6cm).

This is the second time the Chinese driver has held the record, having held the title in 2012 after parking in a gap just 15cm longer than the car he was driving.

However, the day before Han set the parallel parking world record, he also jumped behind the wheel of his MINI three-door and drove on two wheels while fellow stunt driver Zhang Shengjun drifted (donuts) a BMW M4 around the MINI, completing 10 circles in one minute.


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