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Australia ranks 9th in global road rage league

Australian drivers have ranked ninth in a global survey of road rage, with more Australian drivers copping aggressive gestures than either Italian or German drivers.

AUSTRALIAN MOTORISTS are more likely to experience aggression on the road than either Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian drivers, and finishing just behind Italy and the US, in ninth spot, according to new research.

The survey of 3000 drivers from 20 countries, conducted by LeasePlan UK, found that British drivers were more likely to experience aggression and rudeness on the road than drivers in any other country. Seventy-six per cent of British drivers said they’d experienced ‘aggressive gestures’ on the road, 53% had been verbally abused, and 73% said they’d been blocked in the road, while 52% of Australian drivers said they’d received aggressive gestures, 34% had been verbally abused and 40% had been blocked in the road.

Indeed, Australia rated higher for aggressive gestures than Italy (long considered for the odd aggressive hand gesture), which was ranked seventh on the list, with 48% of drivers saying they’d received aggressive gestures. The US, which finished just ahead of Australia in eighth place registered the same for aggressive gestures, but less for verbal aggression (32 Vs 34%) and more for blocking other drivers (44%).

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According to Matt Dyer, managing director at LeasePlan UK, which published the research, improving the road network was key to improving the happiness of motorists.

“Heavily congested roads are taking their toll on drivers with busy lives, resulting in worrying levels of poor driver behaviour.”
Back in 2011, insurance provider GIO surveyed 3740 Australian motorists with 85% claiming drivers were more aggressive than ever before.

The survey revealed Brisbane drivers were the most aggressive with 95% of Brisbane drivers saying they’d experienced road rage, conversely Sydney and Melbourne recorded the lowest levels of road rage, while Adelaide and Perth tied for second place with 90% of drivers saying they’d experienced road rage.

And, this year, a survey of 1700 Australian motorists by law firm Slater & Gordon, revealed that 16% of Australians have a dash cam to record incidents of road rage, with a further 41% of drivers saying they wanted one.

So, have you noticed Aussie drivers becoming more aggressive on the road? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober

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