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370Zs set longest twin vehicle drift world record

Nissan Middle East has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest twin vehicle drift at the launch of its new Nissan 370Z Drift Experience.

THE TWO NISSAN 370Zs drifted around a wet skid pan set up in a figure-eight, side-by-side without losing their drift for 28.52 kilometeres. It took only two attempts for the drivers to set the new world record at the launch of Nissan’s Middle East-based Nissan 370Z Drift Experience which is aimed at teaching anyone how to drift.

“With today’s accomplishment of setting a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again the strength of our vehicles by adding another Guinness World Records record to our list. The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting scene, and this new record is yet another proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look so easy,” Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said.

“Nissan 370Z Drift Experience” is a partnership between Nissan Middle East and the Prodrift Academy, which is carried out using Nissan 370Zs alongside the Prodrift Academy’s professional drift instructors in a safe and controlled environment.

“Nissan has a strong focus on motorsports in the Middle East. Since safety is our priority at Nissan, we have partnered with the Prodrift Academy to provide a legal and safe platform for drifting fanatics in the region,” Cherfan added.

Nissan has created the Nissan 370Z Drift Experience in partnership with ProDrift, and Mohammad Al Falasi, Managing Director of the Prodrift Academy said: “Drifting has been a very popular sport among young people in the region, and we are extremely proud to be able to develop this sport further among the fans in a safe and authorized environment thanks to Nissan Middle East. Our professional instructors are dedicated to transforming young talents into world class performers with the help of the iconic Nissan Z due to its controlling power.”

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober