In a stunt reminiscent of a TopGear TV episode, but with its roots firmly in history a Bentley Continental GT V8 S has raced a train across Saudi Arabia.

TO CELEBRATE THE 85th anniversary of when three-time Le Mans winner Captain Woolf Barnato raced the ‘Blue Train’ from Cannes to Calais, Bentley has raced a Bentley GT V8 S against Saudi Arabia’s only desert train. The race lasted four-hours and 14 minutes

“The dune train takes a 480 km route from Riyadh – deep in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula – to Damman on the Arabian Gulf. The new Continental GT V8 S Convertible raced this unique locomotive on August 15th across the scorched, baren landscape and won, with six minutes to spare,” Bentley said.

Bentley Team M-Sport driver, Steven Kane (pictured in gallery below), said: “Four hours is the same time as a stint at Le Mans.  But this was far more stressful. The heat, the conditions, not knowing where the train was, while driving within the limits of the country’s regulations. It was a race like no other. I hope Barnato would be proud.”


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