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Australia’s most stolen cars 2014

The Holden Commodore dominates the list of Australia’s most stolen cars so far in 2014, closely followed by the Toyota Hilux.

MORE THAN 20,000 cars were stolen in Australia for the first half of 2014, according to figures released by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

According to figures for Q1 and Q2 2014, NSW and VIC continue to lead the country with motor vehicle thefts (including motorcycles, passenger and light commercials) of 7284 and 6762, respectively, although while NSW has seen a drop in thefts of 6.2% from Q1 2014 to Q2 2014, Victoria has seen an increase in vehicles being stolen of 2.1%. Tasmania has seen the biggest increase between Q1 and Q2 2014 with thefts increasing by 51.9% (243 Vs 369).

So, what are thieves targeting this year (2014)? Well, it’s certainly not that former ram raider favourite, the Subaru WRX, which doesn’t even feature in the top 35 vehicle’s stolen for 2013/14. Indeed, the MY99 WRX is the most stolen WRX and it only recorded 35 in 2012/13. By way of contrast, and make sure you’re sitting down, there were 52 Kia Carnivals stolen in 2012/13. Wow.

Top 10 most stolen cars in 2014:

  1. Holden Commodore VT MY97-00

  2. Toyota HiLux MY05-11

  3. Holden Commodore VE MY06-13

  4. Nissan pulsar N15 MY95-00

  5. Ford Falcon BA MY02-05

  6. Holden Commodore VY MY02-04

  7. Holden Commodore VX MY00-02

  8. Hyundai Excel X3 MY98-04

  9. Toyota HiLux MY98-04

  10. Holden Commodore VZ MY04-06

Delve into the details a little deeper and you see that cars built between 2000-2010 make up more than 40% of all cars stolen in the first half of 2014, followed by cars from the 1990s at around 27%.

Where are they being stolen from? Brisbane (city) leads sits at the top of the table with more than 1000 vehicle thefts in the first half of 2014, followed by the Gold Coast with 700, Logan with more than 600. Between third and fourth place there’s almost daylight with Hume in Victoria sitting at a little over 400 vehicle thefts, with Blacktown in Sydney rounding out the top 10 with 380-plus thefts for the first half of 2014.

And if you’re wondering at what time of day all these cars were stolen, well, between 4pm and midnight seems to be when thieves are most accurate with, you probably guessed it, Friday and Saturday being the most popular days of the week for car thefts. Almost half of all car thefts occurred from residential dwellings.

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9 years ago

BA pre October 2005 had the tibbe key which can’t be picked but was easy to copy if you had the original key. Then how do you get past the chip in the key to transponder function unless you do ECU reset which takes a minimum hour wait.

9 years ago
Reply to  lion

I’ll take your word for it, Lion. Thanks for the comment. I think the thing with this list is that the cars are being stolen after the keys have been nicked. Cheers Isaac (editor).

9 years ago

OH WOW! The most stolen cars are the most popular of the time. No shit Sherlock!
Car thieves are not the smartest of cats, they concentrate on the few cars their tiny minds can learn to steal. So…no surprise.

9 years ago

I thought that was only a South Africa sport ?Dam bastards should be shot.

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober