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Facelifted 2015 Ford Ranger teased [video]

Ford Asia Pacific has released a short teaser video of the facelifted 2015 Ford Ranger which clearly takes its styling cues from the 2015 Ford Everest.

FORD HAS released a computer-generated image of its facelifted 2015 Ford Ranger via a short teaser video that shows the updated Ranger driving through water, across sand and gravel, before finishing on the com-gen image. Clearly taking styling cues from the 2015 Ford Everest that was launched in China earlier this month.

The facelift doesn’t appear to go beyond the snout and bonnet, although there’s likely to be some changes to the interior to bring the 2015 Ranger, which was launched back in 2011, into line with its sibling, the Everest.

Details are thin on the ground, but we can expect the 2015 Ranger to carry the same updated 2.2-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine as the Everest and it might also see the introduction of SYNC2 which boasts the ability to understand ‘Austrayan’.

The Ford Ranger is the strongest-selling vehicle Ford has and so it’s vital the Blue Oval keep it updated and appealing to the masses. We’d suggest this facelift might just do that.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober