The Tesla Cybertruck ute appears to be striking a spark with Australian car buyers.

AUSTRALIA IS the largest market outside of North America for preorders on the Tesla Cybertruck, research shows.

Although Tesla does not disclose how many preorders have been received for each country it’s to be available in, a survey of more than 1800 members of the Tesla community show that Australia tops all other countries outside the US and Canada for preorders registered.

Unsurprisingly, the US accounts for the most preorders, recording 76.25 per cent of all surveyed, and followed most closely by Canada at 10.43 per cent. Behind the two American countries is Australia with 3.16 per cent, taking the third spot and pipping the UK at 1.9 per cent. Interestingly, Norway came in fifth, a country that has the largest electric vehicle take-up per capita in the world.

Here is the full top ten list, “Data crowdsourced by more than 1800 members of the Tesla enthusiast community.”

  1. United States (76.25%)
  2. Canada (10.43%)
  3. Australia (3.16%)
  4. United Kingdom (1.39%)
  5. Norway (1.11%)
  6. Germany (1.05%)
  7. Sweden (0.83%)
  8. Netherlands (0.67%)
  9. France (0.44%)
  10. Iceland (0.44%)

While we’ve had some readers cry out against the idea of hybrid and electric powertrains in traditional utes like the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger, it seems there is certainly appeal in a fully-electric utility in Australia. With a growing fast-charger grid connecting major towns and eventually most cities, driving out of the suburbs in an EV will become a more common occurrence.

The Tesla Cybertruck was revealed last year and is a radical take on the ute segment, with the American pickup truck-size ute touting a design that may face some challenges to pass safety approval regulations. It can be preordered in Australia now (for a $150 fee) in single, dual, and triple motor specification, the latter claiming an over 800km driving range on one full charge and 6.3-tonne towing capacity. Production is expected to begin late next year.

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