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Audi Q8 Concept teased…

The Audi Q8 Concept has been teased ahead of its global reveal at the Detroit Motor Show next month (January).

THE AUDI Q8 CONCEPT has been teased in design sketches ahead of its reveal at the Detroit Motor Show in early January. Audi admits the Q8 Concept is a “near-production study” as the brand intends to continue its push into the SUV segment.

“The near-production study represents a synthesis of the emotional styling of a coupé and the spaciousness that typifies an SUV, with all its variability. With this move, the brand is unlocking a new segment for the full-size category,” Audi said in a statement.

Audi Q8 Concept

“With the Audi Q8 concept, we have created a new spearhead within our Q model line. Its design strongly evokes sportiness and prestige,” declared Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte. “What’s more, we believe an important aspect of this showcar is that it offers a spacious interior with four equally comfortable seats, even with the flat roof line.”

“Many design elements of the Q8 concept are reminiscent of the Audi Ur-quattro of the 1980s. They include the extremely flat but very wide C-post, and the prominent, flared shoulders above the wheels,” Audi said. Here’s a picture of a Ur-quattro… what do you think?

Ashes to Ashes Audi Ur quattro up for sale

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober