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400kW and 671Nm 2016 HSV VFII Gen-F2 range revealed [video]

The 2016 HSV VFII Gen-F2 range has been revealed showing off styling tweaks, suspension modifications and 400kW and 671Nm of torque.

Holden Special Vehicles has revealed its 2016 HSV VFII Gen-F2 range, probably its last-ever Commodore handiwork. And the performance tuner is going out with a bang, dialing up the punch from 340kW and 570Nm to 400kW and 671Nm for the 6.2-litre supercharged LSA Gen IV V8 engine.

2016 HSV Gen-F2 revealed

This engine runs across the board in the ClubSport R8 LSA, ClubSport R8 LSA Tourer, Maloo R8 LSA and Senator Signature. To get more grunt out of the V8, HSV says it added a: stand-alone water-to-air, charge-air cooling system; stand-alone transmission and differential cooling systems; water-to-oil engine-oil cooling system; hi-flow exhaust system with cross-pipe intermediate and Bi-Modal mufflers; hi-flow exhaust manifold and catalytic converters.

2016 HSV Gen-F2 revealed

The suspension also came in for some work, with upgrades to the ‘passive suspension’ which included stiffening the spring and damper rates to help reduce body roll and “further improve corner-entry response while the unique rear suspension module delivers improved rear stiffness and rear braking efficiency. Rear rotor diameters have increased to 372mm”.

To handle the extra oomph, the range now gets a 9.9-inch differential and upgrade drive and prop shafts. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with oil cooler and twin plate clutch, a cost-optional 6-speed automatic transmission with oil cooler is available.

Styling changes include new bumpers and tweaks to head-lights and rear spoilers across the range. New alloys have also been revealed.

2016 HSV Gen-F2 revealed

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober