Rare Coupe 4 and VF GTS-R No.1 in six-car group being auctioned by Grays.

A sextet of late model HSVs are up for grabs as part of Grays’ latest Classic and Collectable Car Auction.

Covering VT through to Gen-F sedans in GTS and GTS-R spec, the collection also includes a rare Coupe 4; HSV’s all-wheel drive variant of the Monaro, with most units offered with no reserve. The six cars are:

  • 2017 HSV Gen-F GTS-R auto
  • 2009 HSV E Series GTS auto
  • 2005 HSV VZ Coupe 4 auto
  • 2003 HSV VY GTS auto
  • 2001 HSV VX GTS manual
  • 1998 HSV VT GTS manual

Bidding is live now and closes on most lots from 7:00PM (AEDT) on 27 April.

HSV Collection going to auction

2017 HSV Gen-F GTS-R auto

Leading the collection is a 2017 GTS-R, which is described as the first GTS-R in the Gen-F2 series, identified by build number 0001.

Powered by a 6.2-litre LSA supercharged V8, the Gen-F2 GTS-R’s factory numbers were 435kW and 740Nm, enough to propel to sedan to 100km/h from standstill in around 4.5 seconds, with the six-speed automatic – as fitted to this car – regarded by some as better than the Tremec six-speed manual that was the favoured transmission with most buyers when new.

HSV Collection going to auction

Magnetic Ride Control, AP Racing brakes (410mm rotors front and 375mm discs rear) and 20-inch wheels with Continental performance tyres as standard were all part of a GTS-R package that cost over $110,000 when new.

Despite the high price tag, the ‘last of the line’ status of the Gen-F2 GTS-R (before the W1 ended HSV Commodore-based production for good) meant demand was high, leading to 1,270 units being built.

Being the first built gives the auction car some extra appeal and it’s believed (but not confirmed) that 0001 originally served as Ryan Walkinshaw’s personal car.

HSV Collection going to auction

As consigned for the auction, the 2017 GTS-R is virtually new, with perfect Spitfire Green paint, factory-correct wheels and tyres, an unmarked black leather and suede interior and only mild wear on the Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel.

The odometer on the GTS-R shows just 21,023km – the lowest of the six HSVs in the collection.

HSV Collection going to auction

2009 HSV E Series GTS auto

For something a little less lairy and a little more affordable, an E-Series GTS sedan may fit the bill. Still offering all the muscle you’d expect from an HSV, the MY09 GTS ran a 6.2-litre LS3 naturally-aspirated V8, producing a strong 317kW and 550Nm.

Finished in Sting Red, this example is fitted with the available six-speed automatic transmission, along with standard GTS 20-inch alloy wheels.

HSV Collection going to auction

One of 3,217 produced, this unit would have been one of the last built before the E-Series II arrived in September, 2009.

First registered in Queensland in July, 2009, the service records show that this GTS has spent most of its life in the Sunshine State, specifically the Bundaberg area. Presenting in outstanding condition inside and out, 57,228km listed on the odometer.

HSV Collection going to auction

Offered with no reserve and with bidding up to just $35,000 at time of writing, this HSV could be the bargain of the auction.

HSV Collection going to auction

2005 HSV VZ Coupe 4 auto

Early indications are that this rare AWD performance coupe will be a strong seller amongst the six HSVs on offer, with bidding approaching $90,000 at time of writing – as much as this car was worth when new.

HSV Collection going to auction

The irony of the Coupe 4’s desirability today is that it wasn’t highly regarded when it debuted. The compromises required in fitting an all-wheel drive system to the Monaro chassis meant that the resulting car was overly heavy (120kg more than an HSV GTO Coupe) and only available with a dated four-speed automatic transmission that was anathema to true HSV aficionados of the time.

HSV Collection going to auction

Listed performance of 270kW and 475Nm from the 5.7 LS1 V8 was only marginally above a similarly-equipped Monaro CV8, but where this car excelled was in traction and roadholding – the 62:38 (rear:front) torque distribution providing grip that no other HSV could match, making the Coupe 4 a weapon on wet and greasy roads.

Nonetheless, buyers overwhelmingly preferred their HSVs with rear-wheel drive back then and the Coupe 4 was terminated after an estimated 132 examples were built, which has added to its collectability today.

HSV Collection going to auction

The Coupe 4 consigned for this auction is finished in Quicksilver (one of only three colours offered) and appears in outstanding condition overall, with just 53,340km on the odometer. Standard features include leather and suede trim, a Blaupunkt CD stacker and an early satnav system that included operation via a TV-style remote control.

HSV Collection going to auction

2003 HSV VY GTS auto

The VY GTS may seem prodigious, but less than 150 were produced across the ‘Y-Series’ (VY and VY Series II) – around the same numbers as the rare Coupe 4.

Standard kit in the MY03 GTS included an LS1 V8 tuned to 300kW and 520Nm, offered with either a four-speed automatic (as fitted to this car) or six-speed manual transmission, as well as model-specific 19×9-inch alloys all round, Pirelli P-Zero tyres, AP Racing brakes (362mm front discs with 6-pistoon calipers, 343mm rear discs with 4-piston calipers), HSV’s own Hydra-trak LSD, performance suspension and improved steering.

HSV Collection going to auction

Identified as the 86th VY GTS built, this example is finished in Phantom Black metallic with a black leather interior. Presenting very well for its age, 49,190km shows on the odometer and documented service history is included.

Importantly, it’s being offered with no reserve, meaning a potential bargain could be had. At time of writing, bidding was sitting at $57,000 after a sharp increase (up to $55,000) on the opening day.

HSV Collection going to auction

2001 HSV VX GTS manual

The VX GTS is noteworthy as it was the first HSV to use GM’s LS1 naturally-aspirated 5.7-litre V8. In Callaway-tuned form as fitted to the GTS, this engine offered maximums of 300kW and 510Nm. Also worth noting is that the VX GTS was only offered with a six-speed manual transmission.

To prove the capabilities of the new GTS, HSV sent one to the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife, where it lapped the 20.83km circuit faster than a Mercedes-AMG E55 and BMW M5 in both wet and dry conditions.

HSV Collection going to auction

To suit the performance of the new engine, the VX GTS also saw the introduction of improved suspension and more powerful brakes, while the wheels were upsized to 19 inches, setting a template for the VY GTS that followed.

Finished in what appears to be Sting Red and identified by its centre console badge as the 133rd unit built (of 287), this GTS’s era-specific interior includes lairy patterned inserts on the seats and door cards. Predating the more upmarket trim that subsequent versions of the GTS would offer, the seats are cloth, too, but performance pews with deep side bolsters are fitted at the front.

HSV Collection going to auction

Also offered with no reserve, this 44,000km GTS was sitting at $61,000 at time of writing, which is a healthy number given this model has struggled to hit $60K in recent years.

HSV Collection going to auction

1998 HSV VT GTS manual

By 1998, the GTS was an established model in HSV’s lineup. Popular, too, as it was their second-best seller behind the Clubsport that year.

HSV built 399 units on the VT platform, with a further 117 on the VT Series II. Running the last locally-developed-and-built Holden V8 (all subsequent V8s would be imported GM/Chev ‘LS’ units), the naturally-aspirated 5.7-litre engine in the VT GTS produced 220kW and 475Nm. A six-speed manual was the standard transmission (as fitted to this car), but a four-speed auto was available as an option.

HSV Collection going to auction

Listed 0-100km/h acceleration was 5.9-seconds, while the 260km/h top speed was claimed, making it the fastest production Holden/HSV ever built at the time.

To rein in that speed, Harrop brakes with four-piston calipers were introduced as part of an HSV Performance Brake package.

Alloys were still 18 inches back in 1988, with an AM/FM radio, single CD player and cloth seats on the standard spec list, too, although you could upgrade to leather seats and a 10-stacker CD back then, with a sunroof on the options list, too.

HSV Collection going to auction

As the last “all-Australian” HSV, the VT GTS should hold a special place with HSV fans. At a listed 89,271km, this unit carries the highest mileage of all six HSVs in the collection auctioned through Grays, but includes extensive service history.

HSV Collection going to auction

Sold new in WA and identified as #339, the car presents well, with unblemished paint, wheels and lower bodywork. Inside, it’s much the same, with seats and door cards that look virtually new.

Offered with no reserve, this VT GTS was sitting at just over $51,000 at time of writing.

HSV Collection going to auction

Bidding for Grays April Classic and Collectable Car Auction opened on 22 April and closes on 27 April, 2021. See individual lots from specific end times for bids.

For more details on these lots and others from this auction, go to grays.com


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