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2019 Suzuki Vitara II on way – RT-X diesel to be dropped

Suzuki has announced approval has been given for the Vitara Series II to sell Down Under but that it will mean the diesel-powered Vitara RT-X will be dropped.

The Suzuki Vitara RT-X will be dropped to make way for the Vitara Series II which will go on-sale here in early 2019. Details are thin on the ground with Suzuki not yet confirming features or pricing for Vitara Series II. There will be three variants at launch, Vitara, Vitara Turbo and Vitara Turbo ALLGRIP.

Speaking about the dropping of the Vitara RT-X Suzuki suggested its customers were pulling away from diesel. Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobile, Michael Pachota said the introduction of the Vitara Series II presented an opportunity to refine Suzuki’s offering.

“The Vitara RT-X Diesel has sold in the Australian market for a number of years. But as consumers continue to make greener living decisions we’ve listened to the voices of our customers and made an informed decision to discontinue the Vitara RT-X moving forward.

“The Vitara that Australian’s know and love only gets better. Aesthetically, Vitara Series II is characterised by bold new styling beaming with strength and energy, a choice of new colours plus improved technology. The all-new Vitara is sure to impress” said Pachota. 

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober