The 2018 Toyota Camry has been teased and will be revealed in full at the Detroit Motor Show in early January.

A TEASER IMAGE showing a close-up of the rear three-quarter of the next-generation Toyota Camry has been released, with a full reveal set for the Detroit Motor Show in early January.

Toyota hasn’t released any details other than the image, but the photo suggests a sleeker look for the new Camry which corresponds with spy shots that have been floating around the Internet. The next-generation Camry, a best-seller around the world for a number of years, will be built on Toyota’s modular platform which underpins the current Prius.

That aside, the new Camry will arrive into a world that’s besotted with SUVs. In an interview with Automotive News in the US, Bill Fay, Toyota division general manager suggested that Camry could fall behind its RAV4 as the company’s best-selling model in that country.

“We’ll be fully focused to keep the Camry as the top-selling passenger sedan, but if the consumers continue to shift to SUVs like we expect they will, next year could be the year RAV outsells Camry,” he said.

Question: As we all rush headlong towards SUVs, ignoring station wagons on the way, has the Toyota Camry had its day?


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