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The 2018 Megane Renault Sport to get four-wheel steering and more…

The 2018 Megane Renault Sport will offer both four-wheel steering and two chassis tunes as makers move to make their vehicles more customisable by owners.

THE 2018 MEGANE RENAULT Sport is still undergoing testing with Renault drip-feeding information about the thing. The latest drip of information suggests it will be offered with four-wheel steering and two chassis set ups.

In a statement Renault said, “Renault’s 4CONTROL four-wheel steer technology offers drivers enhanced agility, cornering performance and steering precision by enabling the car’s rear wheels to assist in steering by means of an electromagnetic actuator mounted on the rear axle.

“New Megane Renault Sport customers will also be able to choose between a Sport chassis, which combines high performance and ride comfort in everyday use or a Cup chassis, engineered to deliver the ultimate track performance experience”.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober