Volkswagen Australia has issued a recall notice for the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan over a welding issue with the back seat.

VOLKSWAGEN AUSTRALIA has issued a recall for the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, which was launched a couple of months ago. The German car maker is targeting 707 vehicles as part of this recall. In its recall notice, Volkswagen Australia said: “The laser welded seam on the front seat backrests may not have been correctly configured during production, which may impact on the strength of the welded connection”.

The suggestion here is that should the car be involved in a “serious” rear-end collision there’s a chance the seat back could giveway. “This could potentially lead to injuries sustained by the vehicle occupants in the event of a serious rear collision,” Volkswagen said.

According to Volkswagen it is contacting owners by mail and is advising them to contact their nearest Volkswagen dealer and arrange for an inspection of the seat back welding, and possible repair.

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  1. Good to see VW doing the right thing here. Now all they have to do is apply the same ethics to emissions, reliability and customer support.

  2. At least they admit to a problem. Mitsubishi denied gearbox problems for years with the Magna. I’ve no doubt it was one of the issues that led to their demise. Going back further, Valiant seats used to break, literally. Again, implausible denial. Car companies cannot get away with it now, thank God

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