The 2016 Toyota HiLux spied inside and out again with a number of online forums and Facebook pages posting images of the new ute that appear to come from inside the factory.

THE 2016 TOYOTA HILUX has been spied again with interior pics appearing alongside the shots that appear to have been taken from inside Toyota’s factory (in Thailand). These images are courtesy of Facebook page Terranismo.

We’ve been used to seeing photos and videos of the exterior, but these latest images show the interior, and the HiLux is clearly following the trend that’s seeing work-and-play utes become more like passenger vehicles. The 2016 HiLux gets a new-look dashboard that features a large centre-mounted tablet-esque touchscreen. Below it sit the controls for heating and air-con while there are air vents above it. What do you think?

Engine details leaked out last week, and there are rumours the 2016 Toyota HiLux will be revealed later this month, while others suggest July is a more realistic date. Stay tuned.


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  1. The new lux looks the goods but is it worth the wait? The new 2.8 diesel’s figures are a little disappointing. I’ld like to see an extra 15 – 20kw & 50nm – with this would come sales. Most people obviously (due to sales figures) want a Toyota but I personally think the competitors figures (e.g. Ford Ranger/BT50) lure a substantial crowd away. This could also be said regarding the tow capacity – if the new Lux’s ability isn’t at least 3t the competitors will leverage even more sales away. Stop being so damn conservative Toyota & give us what we really want.

    1. 450NM is nearly 100NM more torque than the outgoing model – that’s a pretty big increase and will make the most practical difference to the Hilux driver. Forget the power figures – they are for urban cowboys.

      Hilux still the most reliable ute on the market by a country mile.

        1. Hey Jim. Maybe I’ve read the wrong figures particularly regarding torque. I thought the new figure was 400NM not 450NM. 450 is fine in my book. Don’t get me wrong as I’m a Toyota fan. I actually have owned many. Currently own a 2009 model Hilux diesel 4×4 (210,000kms) & a 2013 BT50 (75,000kms) 4×4 both since new. Not to bag the lux but its had two recalls & the injectors replaced (at my cost). Mind you forget what the old model was, I’m looking at the now.

          1. The 400NM figure was the 2.4lt engine. The new engines really push the user towards the Auto transmission. The manual version have a fair bit less torque – around 30NM for the 2.8LT and around 60NM (from memory) less for the 2.4LT.

            The current lux had had a lot of recalls – keep in mind that this is because Toyota are one of the few manufactures not to try to cover things up – they always take ownership of any potential problems. The injectors that you had replaced could have been for a variety of reasons but the main issues involving the old Hilux were the copper seals around the injectors which should have been replaced with alloy seals at your 40k service intervals (this issue was rectified at manufacture in around 2009)….problem is that they usually weren’t as some of the dealers tried to save time. This resulted in carbon blow back and sometimes led to engine failure. The 1KD unit is now a pretty polished engine – certainly far superior to some of the other units powering competition brands. Injectors are all pretty much the same these days on common rail engines – all prone to fuel contamination and other failures. Diesel engines aren’t anywhere near as reliable as they used to be before the strict emissions laws were introduced and car makers tried to make them all more refined.

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