Ford is set to reveal the 2015 Ford Everest on November 14 according to a new report quoting a member of the global development team.

This article has been updated with official confirmation the 2015 Ford Everest will be revealed in China on 13 November. Click Here to read our report.

FORD WILL UNVEIL the 2015 Ford Everest on November 14 according to a report on automotive website Autoindustrya, which quotes a ‘well-placed source in Ford’s global development team’. Led by a design and development team in Australia, the Everest is based on the same platform as the Ford Ranger (it was also developed here in Australia for use around the world).

Details are still fairly thin surrounding the 2015 Ford Everest although if the prediction of a November 14 release (although Autoindstriya says November 14 is tentative – it’s what you call a get out of jail clause in case Ford doesn’t reveal the thing then) is true then we’ll know more about it soon enough. Some things, however, we do know. And they are, that unlike the Ford Ranger the Everest will run a Watts link coil spring rear end instead of the Ranger’s leaf sprung bum. It will also be available in 4×2 and 4×4 configuration.

While, in the short term the Everest will help ease the transition from the Territory, but the Everest is a large seven seater and the Edge when it arrives in Australia, probably in 2016 will then give Ford Australia a player in both the medium and large SUV segment.

If you’re a Blue Oval fan you’d say that it’s taking two imports to replace one homegrown product… but then, Australians should be just as proud of the Everest when it gets here given the local input Aussie engineers and designers have had in the development of the thing. You only have to look at the concept to see the influence of the Ford Territory and Ranger in the design of the Everest.

While it’s likely the Everest will be available with the same engines that run in the Ranger; a two turbo-diesels, 2.2 and 3.2-litre, Autoindistrya’s ‘source’ says both engines will be tweaked for the Everest. And, given Ford’s recent tweaking of its engine range, that’s highly likely.

As for the interior, well, when Ford showed its concept back in August it suggested the Everest would borrow heavily from the interior of the recently released Ford F-150 and that it would get the latest version of the brand’s SYNC2 multimedia system.

There are plenty of camouflaged Ford Everest’s running around here in Australia and also in the Asia-Pacific and, back in August Ford said the 2015 Everest is the “most comprehensively researched vehicle Ford has ever created in the Asia-Pacific region”. And, given the Ford Ranger was developed here that’s some big talk.


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