26 Jul 2019

Rivian R1T tank steer video a fake

The video showing a Rivian R1T performing a tank turn has been removed from YouTube after Rivian demanded it be taken down.

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24 Jul 2019

Can a Rivian R1-T perform a ‘tank turn’ or is it nonsense?

According to the US Patents office, Rivian has trademarked the terms ‘Tank Steer’ and ‘Tank Turn’ with a video purportedly showing it in action, but…

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Custom pull-out electric kitchen revealed for Rivian R1T
20 May 2019

Rivian R1T gets a custom pull-out electric kitchen

Custom pull-out electric kitchen revealed for Rivian R1T at the Overland Expo event last weekend in the US.

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Rivian electric vehicle skateboard platform
26 Apr 2019

Ford to build all-new electric vehicle on Rivian ‘skateboard’ platform

Ford this week announced a US$500 million investment in EV start-up Rivian, with news the Rivian skateboard platform would underpin an all-new Ford EV.

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Hummer electric vehicle lebron james 2022
13 Jan 2020

LeBron James to relaunch Hummer as an electric car brand

Hummer by name, hummer by an electric drivetrain…

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30 Sep 2019

Bollinger electric ute and SUV revealed

A 21st century alternative to the Land Rover Defender is about to arrive, touting an almost 2400kg payload capacity and serious off-road ability.

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An all-electric Ford F-150 prototype during a capability test. The battery-powered truck successfully towed more than 1.25 million pounds of rail cars and trucks during the test.
24 Jul 2019

Prototype electric Ford F-150 pulls almost 600,000kg

Prototype electric Ford F-150 pulls 42 F-150s loaded onto 10 double-decker railway cars weighing almost 600,000kg.

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