Resurrected Hummer with an electric drivetrain will produce over 700kW and 15,000Nm….or will it?

GM WILL REVEAL its resurrected Hummer brand as an electric ute this Sunday during the Super Bowl, though it couldn’t help to tease a bit of the new model ahead of its expensive ad placement.

Named the GMC Hummer EV, GM’s ute to take on Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T (and whatever electric ute Ford comes up with), will pack a 1000 horsepower electric drivetrain according to the teaser video (below). That’s 746kW in local tongue.


What’s more impressive is the claimed 15,574Nm of torque. A huge figure, though something we’ve come to expect from the raft of new multi-motor electric vehicles which can produce full torque output from 0rpm.

However, this claim is a bit misleading compared to other manufacturer claims, as it is most likely (surely) wheel torque. If we assume GM might use a final drive reduction ration around 8:1 like other EV manufacturers, it will more likely output about 1800Nm of torque.

Still, that’s almost four times more than most diesel dual-cab utes develop, and the impressive specs will see the heavy utility vehicle accelerate from 0-100km/h in around 3 seconds, a fraction slower than Tesla’s cybertruck and on par with the Rivian R1T – do we really new a two-three tonne ute to go that fast?

GMC Hummer EV front end face teaser

What we also now know is that the new Hummer will rise from the ashes with a similar appearance, or at least it will borrow styling cues from the old hummer on the new fascia with a full LED light strip.

We will get to see the model in full this Sunday during the Super Bowl when NBA star Le Bron James introduces it during a commercial, and it will go into production at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility.

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