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Rivian R1T tank steer video a fake

The video showing a Rivian R1T performing a tank turn has been removed from YouTube after Rivian demanded it be taken down.

The Internet burst into flames after a video that purportedly showed a Rivan R1T performing a tank turn dropped onto YouTube. The video was clearly fake and the fact it wasn’t on any Rivian-owned social outlet should have been proof enough.

We covered the video on Practical Motoring but suggested it was fake. Now, Rivian has demanded it be taken off the Internet. And it has been. The account of the original poster has also been either suspended or deleted.

However, this isn’t the end of it because Rivian has allegedly said the R1T will have the ability to ‘tank turn’ and it has even trademarked the terms. And given the set-up of the R1T with its four electric motors means it’s possible to punch a Knight Rider-esque ‘tank turn’ button and have the wheels on the left turn one way while the wheels on the right turn the other way.

So, sure the video is a fake but as we wrote earlier in the week that doesn’t mean it won’t actually end up being a thing.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober