24 Sep 2020

Wipe out: California to ban combustion engine cars

California plans to ban the sale of any car that produces emissions, including trucks. Home to Silicon Valley, the LA Motor Show, Tesla, and millionaires and billionaires driving electric vehicles has vowed to ban all fossil fuel cars by 2025. California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order requiring sales

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22 May 2020

GM vs Tesla for the million-mile battery

Two carmakers are surging to the top at the moment when it comes to developing long-life battery technology. A two-horse race is on to be the first manufacturer to deliver a “million-mile” battery, capable of lasting 1.6 million kilometres before needing to be replaced. The competitors are General Motors and

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15 May 2020

Tesla Model 3 to get million-mile, low-cost battery this year

A new report suggests Tesla Model 3s will begin to be offered with a battery capable of lasting one million miles. Tesla will reportedly introduce a new battery either later this year or early 2021 which will be capable of lasting one million miles (1.6 million kilometres) and cost even

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04 May 2020

Tesla says when new owners are most likely to buy online

Tesla says its online car sales will begin to flourish and details when buyers are most likely to go through with a transaction. TUESDAY AT 4pm is when most Tesla buyers pull the trigger and purchase one of the electric carmaker’s vehicles online. According to information released by Tesla US,

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01 May 2020

Tesla posts quarterly profit but cash flow remains negative

Tesla’s quarterly earnings report for the first quarter of this year in the face of COVID-19 is a success, though some benchmarks are yet to be reached.  TESLA HAS posted its third consecutive quarterly profit since promising investors it would pull itself out of a historically long period of red

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Tesla cybertruck preorders australia
30 Mar 2020

Australia top 3 country for Tesla Cybertruck preorders

The Tesla Cybertruck ute appears to be striking a spark with Australian car buyers. AUSTRALIA IS the largest market outside of North America for preorders on the Tesla Cybertruck, research shows. Although Tesla does not disclose how many preorders have been received for each country it’s to be available in,

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Tesla Model Y production
31 Jan 2020

Tesla’s cheapest SUV is already on its way

Tesla Model Y Production kicks off earlier than expected, with deliveries now slated for March this year.

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18 Sep 2019

Tesla Model S faster round the ‘Ring than Porsche Taycan

In another battle of the fastest ‘Ring record, electric car makers Porsche and Tesla are about to face off.

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2019 Tesla Model 3 Review 85%
12 Jun 2019

2019 Tesla Model 3 Review

Paul Horrell’s 2019 Tesla Model 3 Review with Specs, Interior, Practicality, Performance, Ride and Handling, Ownership, Safety, Verdict and Score.

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Tesla Model Y SUV
18 Mar 2019

Seven-Seat Tesla Model Y revealed

After announcing it would close many of its retail outlets around the world and hike prices, Tesla has backtracked slightly and revealed its seven-seat Model Y SUV.

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Tesla Model 3
22 Aug 2018

Tesla Model 3 arrives Down Under on teaser tour

Practical Motoring has been up close and personal with the Tesla Model 3, after three examples of the all-new medium-sized electric vehicle (EV) were imported to Australia.

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Tesla Model S P100D
25 Jan 2018

Tesla Model S P100D passes FIA crash test… ahead of electric race series launch in March

The Electric Production Car Series kicks off this year with the one-make series running the Tesla Model S P100D… it has just passed its official crash test.

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2018 Audi A8 50TDI Quattro Review
27 Dec 2017

Level 3 autonomy by Audi and others… have the machines finally risen?

Level 3 autonomy means a vehicle can drive itself without human intervention… and Audi reckons its new A8 is the only car developed with Level 2 in mind. Should we care?

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Tesla’s Elon Musk didn’t just reveal his semi-trailer this week, he also revealed his second-generation electric roadster which is slated for a 2020 launch.
18 Nov 2017

2020 Tesla Roadster crashes semi reveal

Tesla’s Elon Musk didn’t just reveal his semi-trailer this week, he also revealed his second-generation electric roadster which is slated for a 2020 launch.

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15 Aug 2017

Will Tesla’s forthcoming offroader/4X4 pick-up drag us into the 21st century kicking and screaming?

Electric 4x4s? When, not if. A somewhat controversial topic appearing of late within the off-road community, is the future development and “evolution” of 4×4’s,  given all the new technology filtering through coupled with increased regulations and compliance issues regarding emission controls as we move forward. Which is why I believe,

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