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Tesla says when new owners are most likely to buy online

Tesla says its online car sales will begin to flourish and details when buyers are most likely to go through with a transaction.

TUESDAY AT 4pm is when most Tesla buyers pull the trigger and purchase one of the electric carmaker’s vehicles online.

According to information released by Tesla US, between 3-6pm is when virtual sales hit their peak, with some buyers taking a little as 60 seconds to purchase a car online – we’re sure most of them must have been doing some serious research beforehand.

However, Tesla also says that there are buyers who make the decision without even test driving the car – the highest number of those purchasers being in Germany and the Netherlands – though the US carmaker does offer a money-back refund for unsatisfied owners of the the EVs in certain regions.

Most buyers are making their transactions on computers, with around 20 per cent of sales also happening on a mobile phone or laptop. And one-third of those purchases are made form home.

Tesla also offers online upgrades for current owners, with the carmaker taking full advantage of the low overheads of online sales.

The upshot for Tesla, which offers its Model 3, Model S and Model X electric cars for sale online, is that it is also expecting online car sales to ramp up given society’s adjustment to lockdowns across the globe from COVID-19, and a tendency to be more comfortable with the online retail environment, including for cars. It will be a boon for Tesla which recently posted another quarter of gains.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae