06 Mar 2017

I got pinged for doing 104km/h in a 100km/h zone…

Guns, revenue, speed, “towards zero” and police driving standards…

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Australia ranks ninth in global road rage survey
20 Feb 2017

Road Rage… Why?

Just yesterday I watched a man metaphorically explode behind the wheel of his car… and his anger (I guess we call it road rage now) was directed at me.

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17 Jan 2017

What will it take to stop us killing ourselves on the roads?

Another Christmas holiday season, another wave of Australian families impacted by the tragedy of our – increasing – road toll.

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16 Jan 2017

Merging madness: how Australia’s country overtaking lanes can be fixed

The zone at the end of an overtaking lane is where bad things happen, but there is a solution.

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09 Jan 2017

The case for leaving electronic stability control on for racetracks…

Electronic stability control is a lifesaver on a passenger car, but do we need to leave it on when driving on racetracks?

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26 Dec 2016

Legal country road overtaking is a safety problem

Overtaking and sticking the legal limit on country roads isn’t safe, in fact it’s downright dangerous, but Robert Pepper says he might have a solution.

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19 Dec 2016

The case for turning stability control off

Australia has mandated stability control be fitted to all new cars, yet some people insist on disabling it. Are they right?

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call to add Driver Mode to smartphones
02 Dec 2016

US safety agency calls for ‘Driver Mode’ on smartphones

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants a ‘Driver Mode’ on smartphones to reduce driver distraction behind the wheel.

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18 Nov 2016

Five on Friday: The Dos and Don’ts of using sat nav

Want to get the best from your in-car sat-nav guidance? Here are our top five Dos and Don’ts.

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road rage
07 Nov 2016

Australia’s most annoying driving habits?

If only everyone else out there could drive as well as – obviously – the readers and writers of Practical Motoring, wonders Jane Speechley.

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Using a mobile phone while driving
07 Nov 2016

Distracted drivers are d**ks

Fines for using mobile phones while driving are on the up, while for p-plate drivers there’s a ban on their use… so why are people still holding on.

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The only thing you need to know to be a better driver
05 Nov 2016

Australian road deaths on the rise in 2016

Australian road deaths are on the rise in 2016 with New South Wales and Victoria leading the increase, according to the latest statistics.

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Driving in New Zealand
17 Oct 2016

Driving in New Zealand… and why T-plates might be a good thing

There’s a push for tourists to be required to fit T plates to their hire cars and campers when driving in New Zealand… it might be a good idea.

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Image is for illustrative purposes only. The author is not a girl. Or a ginger.
05 Aug 2016

When parents teach their kids to drive

Parents all around the world teach their kids to drive, but are they making them better or worse drivers? Here’s my story

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older drivers a bigger risk of drug driving
30 Apr 2016

Older drivers a bigger risk of drug driving than teens: research

Research reveals that older drivers are a bigger risk of drug driving than teens, with many believing illicit drugs won’t affect their ability to drive.

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