Bike Sense allows cars and bike riders to get along
21 Jan 2015

Cars and bikes can get along thanks to Bike Sense

Jaguar Land Rover boffins have come up with new safety tech, called Bike Sense, allowing cars and bikes to share the road in harmony. Too good to be true?

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All-New Volvo XC90 focusses on safety
23 Jul 2014

Volvo XC90 focuses on safety

Volvo Cars is claiming the all-new XC90, to be fully revealed in August, will be one of the safest new cars on the road with a range of innovative safety systems.

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Would you buy a car without a roadworthy certificate
23 Jul 2014

roadworthy certificates essential to safety, says VACC

A proposal to cancel roadworthy certificates by VicRoads has been slammed. Roadworthy certificates essential to safety, says VACC.

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Actress Michelle Yeoh is the Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safer campaign
28 Nov 2013

Michelle Yeoh on Road Safety

When ex-Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh, heard how many people died each year on our roads she was spurred into action. Tony Bosworth caught up with the actress and model turned safety evangelist when she visited Australia to hand out awards at the Australian Road Safety Foundation.

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