17 Oct 2019

You’re most likely to have a car crash in Melbourne

Driving around Melbourne is akin to playing Russian roulette with your car, according to statistics released by car insurance company AAMI.

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15 Oct 2019

10 signs you’re a bad driver

Think you’re a good driver? Of course you do, you’re human. But think again if you’re doing any of these, our 10 signs you’re a bad driver…

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Keep left unless overtaking
26 Dec 2017

Overtaking lanes… and why they’re dangerous?

Just the other day I was overtaken right at the end of an overtaking lane… it was dangerous. I got angry. But I was in the wrong.

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volvo's autonomous emergency braking
09 Dec 2017

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Explained

Every so often a new safety technology comes along that has the potential to make a big difference to the road toll. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) explained.

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in-car etiquette
30 May 2017

A simple guide to in-car etiquette – Part Two

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about good in-car etiquette for passengers – not messing with the controls, taking your rubbish with you when you go, and so forth.

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school zone
26 May 2017

‘You just got passed by a girl’… no, I didn’t…

Having kids has changed a lot of things for me, not the least is my stress level and patience for those who clearly don’t have children, like the lady who overtook me this morning…

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in-car etiquette
12 May 2017

A simple guide to in-car etiquette… How many of these rules do you break?

Most of us understand the importance of good manners in everyday life – not least of all because we’ve had them drummed into us from a young age…

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06 Mar 2017

I got pinged for doing 104km/h in a 100km/h zone…

Guns, revenue, speed, “towards zero” and police driving standards…

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Australia ranks ninth in global road rage survey
20 Feb 2017

Road Rage… Why?

Just yesterday I watched a man metaphorically explode behind the wheel of his car… and his anger (I guess we call it road rage now) was directed at me.

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Copyright: guzintaskiran / 123RF Stock Photo
14 Feb 2017

How to keep spiders out of your car

Ever had a spider crawl across your dashboard, or out from behind your wing mirror? Here’s how to keep spiders out of your car.

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17 Jan 2017

What will it take to stop us killing ourselves on the roads?

Another Christmas holiday season, another wave of Australian families impacted by the tragedy of our – increasing – road toll.

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16 Jan 2017

Merging madness: how Australia’s country overtaking lanes can be fixed

The zone at the end of an overtaking lane is where bad things happen, but there is a solution.

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09 Jan 2017

The case for leaving electronic stability control on for racetracks…

Electronic stability control is a lifesaver on a passenger car, but do we need to leave it on when driving on racetracks?

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26 Dec 2016

Legal country road overtaking is a safety problem

Overtaking and sticking the legal limit on country roads isn’t safe, in fact it’s downright dangerous, but Robert Pepper says he might have a solution.

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19 Dec 2016

The case for turning stability control off

Australia has mandated stability control be fitted to all new cars, yet some people insist on disabling it. Are they right?

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