21 Sep 2020

New Nissan Z looked like a 240, but the idea was dropped

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Combining decades of wildly differing Z design into one car isn’t easy, explains Nissan’s head designer. “I’m just waiting for […]

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16 Sep 2020

New twin-turbo manual Nissan Z revealed!

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What might be the last Nissan Z is a throwback to every famous Z car since the original 240Z. Nissan […]

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11 Sep 2020

Update: Hear the new Nissan 400Z, manual confirmed

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Rear lights, headlights, design influence and drivetrain details – here is everything about the new Z that Nissan is showing […]

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01 Sep 2020

Nissan Australia reveals Z Prototype teaser video

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Teasers begin building for the new Nissan Z sports coupe. Is it on for Australia? Nissan Australia has released a […]

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Japan magazine Nissan 400Z specs rendering
12 Jun 2020

New 400Z “no question” for Nissan Australia

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Excited for the new Nissan ‘400Z’? Like previous Z models, Nissan Australia is already excited, and it sounds destined to […]

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29 May 2020

Confirmed: First official look at the new Nissan Z

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What could be Nissan’s last Zed car might the model that most closely resembles the original. Shown at the end […]

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15 May 2020

New Nissan Fairlady Z to be unveiled soon

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Nissan’s twin-turbo V6 Z rival to the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra will be unveiled in 12 months. Nissan will […]

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21 Oct 2019

2019 Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Review

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Alex Rae’s 2019 Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Edition Review With Price, Specs, Performance, Ride And Handling, Interior, Ownership, Verdict And Score.

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017 Nissan 370Z NISMO
09 Aug 2017

2017 Nissan 370Z NISMO arrives in September

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The 2017 Nissan 370Z NISMO will arrive in Australia in early September priced from $61,490+ORC.

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Nissan 370Z coupe and roadster now $10,000 cheaper
14 Nov 2013

Nissan 370Z now $10k cheaper

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The Nissan 370Z Coupe and Roadster has had its list price cut by more than $10,000, with Nissan announcing, today, new pricing for the iconic sports car.

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