Nissan’s twin-turbo V6 Z rival to the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra will be unveiled in 12 months.

Nissan will lift the sheet on its much-anticipated sequel to the 370z, understood to now carry two badges designating two power output tunes.

The latest round of information comes from reports in Japan overnight which suggest sources at Nissan’s headquarters have now confirmed there will be two variants of the Z.

Nissan has already registered the new ‘Fairlady’ name and it is believed that this nameplate will be applied to a de-tuned version of the flagship ‘400Z’, itself carrying the fully powered 400hp/298kW version of the new 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged petrol engine. The 400Z seems unlikely for the de-tuned version given its 300hp output, which will be named the Fairlady.

In the Fairlady, it is expected to produce 224kW, still a considerable power output. The transmission mated to the motor will be a seven-speed automatic transmission, and as first reported by Practical Motoring earlier this year it is expected there will not be a manual offered in this last Z send off.

The scheduled debut for the new Z models is May 2021, according to reports from Japan, with Nissan set to show off styling which will hark back to the original Fairlady shape with retro design cues (rendered here by design student Leyang Bai). The interior is also likely to be significantly upgraded over the current model on sale.

While it’s impossible for the new Z model to be confirmed for Australia yet – at least not until the model is officially confirmed by Nissan – Nissan Australia has already registered trademarks for the new Z badge, hinting that we will indeed see the new model land here.

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    1. Should have brought this back a long time ago.It all depends on not having a stupid price, so it can be afordeble like the original 240.

  1. Not being critical , as I have always thought that Nissan needed another flagship besides the GTR , but with 224KW , detuned motor . You can buy 2 litre cars with more power . The 400Z would be a better and more popular option . Unless you had a choice of motors , that would be the way to go !!

  2. I’ve owned a 370Z since 2012. I still love it but have been looking forward to a new one for a while now. If this is true, however, and there’s no option of a manual transmission then that would pretty much kill any chance of me buying one. It doesn’t leave too many options in that price range, either… Mustang is about the only one that springs to mind, and while they’re nice cars, I’d rather have a new (manual) Z.

  3. First, the Supra comes in auto only, then the F-Type, now it looks like the last bastion of performance sports cars, the Zed, will lose the manual option.

    I suppose I’ll be upgrading my 350z, rather than trading it for a new one… I hope this is not accurate information.

  4. No manual, no want. There are already auto otpions everywhere. If Nissan don’t give buyers the choice, then it is made. No thanks Nissan.

  5. No manual option , thats going to be a big mistake , thers going to a decline in sales , but then again nobody knows for what its going to be or look like , they have been keeping this pretty quiet , no spy photos nothing , so i hope for the best

  6. No manual, then we have to part ways. I’d buy a current model 370z and be HAPPY than to fork over good money for the new model and suffer in silent desperation. The Z is a spirited car with heritage not a couch on wheels for lazy people.

    The Z is not for everyone that’s what makes it standout out. No manual, that is borderline criminal behavior. You are killing me.

  7. NISSAN… TRUST… This is the design you want to go with. If you build it they will come. Retro and Modern Design. Hmm… I wonder who else does that. This is a Hot Cake… Watch it fly!!!

    1. A muscle car with a name like ‘Fairlady’? And no manual transmission? Does this car have an identity crisis?

  8. If you drop the manual tranny you just lost my interest. Retune? Okay WTF! Why? You can’t handle the torque? Just typical pencil neck pin head thinking….

  9. All those demanding a manual transmission why not also demand drum brakes and crossply tyres and no power steering. be fair dincum traditional dinosaurs.

  10. I have a 370Z, and I love the manual transmission. Looking forward to the new model. If it does not come in manual, I won’t be interested. Manual gives it the go.
    Nissan think about it. You might loose a lot of customers if it does not come in manual.

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