23 Jul 2021

Hummer to produce a new electric ute this year

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GM Hummer says it will build a new electric ute to rival the Tesla Cybertruck. General Motors’ Buick and GMC […]

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09 Jun 2021

Chevrolet C8 Corvette orders officially open in Australia

3 years ago 1 0

GMSV confirms that interested buyers can now put down money on a new Chevrolet C8 Corvette. General Motors Specialty Vehicles […]

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07 Jun 2021

Bathurst Test Car Torana goes up for auction

3 years ago 0 0

Record sale price for Torana GTR XU-1 prompts emergence of another. Burns & Co. Auctions are enjoying a very busy […]

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30 Mar 2021

Holden Stamp Set released by Australia Post

3 years ago 2 0

A collectable Holden set you can buy: Australia Post reveals 48/215, EH, HK, HQ and VE in latest Holden-themed set. […]

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29 Jan 2021

GM going fully electric by 2035? Nah

3 years ago 4 0

General Motors is driving the Chevy to the carbon-neutral levy. American automaker giant General Motors has announced a plan to […]

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10 Nov 2020

GMSV: America’s most successful vehicles coming to Australia

4 years ago 1 0

GMSV launches officially in Australia with a network of over 50 dealers and confirmation of new models to enter the […]

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09 Sep 2020

Vietnamese carmaker buys Lang Lang, but GM to test vehicles still

4 years ago 0 0

Vietnamese carmaker Vinfast has stumped up to buy the Lang Lang proving ground. Vinfast, a Vietnamese start-up owned by one […]

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18 Aug 2020

GMSV confirmed along with Corvette

4 years ago 2 0

GMSV will launch in Australia Q4 2020, followed by the new Corvette supercar. General Motors has officially confirmed the new […]

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04 Jun 2020

CORVETTE CONFIRMED: Right-hand drive supercar begins export

4 years ago 0 0

Chevrolet has confirmed right-hand drive production of the Corvette C8. GM Chevrolet has confirmed overnight that it will produce the […]

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29 May 2020

New Chevrolet Suburban not on the radar for HSV

4 years ago 1 0

Tough Suburban Z71 SUV is a seven to nine-seater with acres of space, but not on the cards for HSV […]

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22 May 2020

GM vs Tesla for the million-mile battery

4 years ago 2 0

Two carmakers are surging to the top at the moment when it comes to developing long-life battery technology. A two-horse […]

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01 May 2020

GMSV to sell Corvette in RHD around the world

4 years ago 8 0

Despite production delays in North America, we’re told the new GMSV brand will sell the Corvette C8 across the globe […]

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Walkinshaw HSV australia GMSV
06 Mar 2020

Walkinshaw registered GMSV name last year

4 years ago 0 0

Although GM says it’s still figuring out details of General Motors Speciality Vehicles (GMSV) in Australia, Walkinshaw looks one step […]

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17 Feb 2020

GONE: Holden to close this year

4 years ago 1 0

GENERAL MOTORS WILL retire Holden in Australia, shutting the iconic Lion Brand down, closing the incredible Lang Lang providing ground […]

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Hummer electric vehicle lebron james 2022
13 Jan 2020

LeBron James to relaunch Hummer as an electric car brand

4 years ago 0 0

Hummer by name, hummer by an electric drivetrain…

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