17 Jul 2020

New Nissan 400Z details, electrification off the table

Nissan’s new Z car isn’t far away from being unveiled. There’s still plenty of speculation around the upcoming “400Z” that Nissan officially teased last month. But it remains as such. However, the motor underneath the bonnet is certainly likely to remain petrol power, both according to a report printed in

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16 Jul 2020

Nissan changes its logo

Nissan’s next-gen product onslaught for the next decade will be fronted by a new-look logo. As part of Nissan’s big Ariya electric SUV unveil yesterday, the Japanese brand has also updated its logo. The move is a recent trend, with VW and BMW updating their own logos in the last

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15 Jul 2020

Nissan Ariya revealed – and it’s a good fit for Australia

Nissan has unveiled its first electric SUV, and it looks like it’ll bring a stiff fight to the competition. Nissan has lifted the sheet on its all-new Ariya fully-electric SUV. There’s no doubt that this is now the most futuristic and sharp looking model in Nissan’s lineup. From front to

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ST-L grade 79%
18 Jun 2020

2020 Nissan Juke Review and Video

The new Juke is ready to duke with the best. IN A NUTSHELL: The new Juke looks as distinctive as the original. But it’s a way better car. The old one was cramped and rough, while the new generation Juke is class-competitive for space and refinement. The cabin design and

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16 Jun 2020

New 2021 Nissan X-Trail revealed

Say hello to the next-generation Nissan X-Trail. Unveiled in the US overnight, this new generation Nissan Rogue previews what we can expect from the new Nissan X-Trail in Australia. Named either Rogue or X-Trail depending on what part of the world you live in, this new model brings sweeping updates

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Japan magazine Nissan 400Z specs rendering
12 Jun 2020

New 400Z “no question” for Nissan Australia

Excited for the new Nissan ‘400Z’? Like previous Z models, Nissan Australia is already excited, and it sounds destined to land on our shores. After the dust has settled following Nissan’s huge future models teaser video last month, we can finally start to assess what was shown and what we

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29 May 2020

Confirmed: First official look at the new Nissan Z

What could be Nissan’s last Zed car might the model that most closely resembles the original. Shown at the end of a video presentation from Japan, Nissan’s future model teaser shows us that it does indeed have a replacement for the 370Z sports car. However, like the 370Z is to

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28 May 2020

Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton set to be the same ute

Will the next Nissan Navara be a Mitsubishi Triton or will the Triton be a Navara?  The Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Alliance has confirmed that many of its future models will essentially be rebadged versions of each other’s cars, utes and SUVs. It means models from the brands such as

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25 May 2020

2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek review

We drive and review the 2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek, the little brother to the tough Warrior. Just how much different is it to that vehicle and the ST-X it is based on? We find out and deliver you the verdict.

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20 May 2020

Nissan reveals pricing for funky new Juke SUV

The new Juke from Nissan looks as unique as ever and now it brings all of the latest tech and safety advances. Nissan’s second-generation Juke has been revealed for Australia, with pricing to start from under $28,000 plus on-road costs. Most noticeable is a complete refresh in styling inside and

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15 May 2020

New Nissan Fairlady Z to be unveiled soon

Nissan’s twin-turbo V6 Z rival to the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra will be unveiled in 12 months. Nissan will lift the sheet on its much-anticipated sequel to the 370z, understood to now carry two badges designating two power output tunes. The latest round of information comes from reports in

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How safe is the Nissan Juke
05 May 2020

New Nissan Juke scores top marks for safety

ANCAP has released its full safety assessment review on the new Nissan Juke, praising the small city SUV for its passive protection and active safety systems. THE AUSTRALIAN New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has revealed its safety score for the new Nissan Juke, awarding the small SUV a maximum five-star

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17 Apr 2020

2021 Nissan X-Trail outed in leaked images

This is likely our best look at the upcoming Nissan X-Trail, destined for Australian shores. WHAT CERTAINLY appears to be official marketing images of the next-gen 2021 Nissan X-Trail have leaked online, showing the new model in full. The images match rendered images submitted by Nissan to a South American

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Nissan X-Trail leak 2021
01 Apr 2020

New Nissan X-Trail design patents leak

A likely mistake at Brazil’s patent office shows what the next-gen Nissan X-Trail looks like. THESE RENDERINGS are the first official look at the upcoming 2021 Nissan X-Trail. Sourced from Brazil’s national patents office, such renderings filed are commonly held under embargo or ‘hidden’ from public view. It seems this

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Nissan Navara V8 Australia Premcar
24 Mar 2020

V8 Nissan Navara in Aussie Warrior project “entirely possible”

Could Nissan beat Ford to build Australia’s first V8 dual-cab ute, or make a monster of its Z sports car? NISSAN SAYS its Warrior program isn’t just about building off-road vehicles, and that it has a lot of options ahead of it for what the next Warrior will look like.

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