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Nissan Navara PRO-4X “Warrior” could go global

Nissan says the Aussie Warrior project is inspiring ideas for a next-generation Navara rival to the Raptor.

Nissan’s new 2021 Navara will launch here early next year and is spawning a locally tuned Warrior model that takes off-road ability even further. The Warrior, that has so far been an Aussie-special only, could also go global, according to Nissan executives.

To be clear, we’re talking about a PRO-4X “Warrior” that would be a factory-built car from both Nissan’s Thai Navara and Mexico Frontier facilities. Currently, the only Warrior is the Navara Warrior that goes through second-stage manufacturing by Premcar in Melbourne, Australia. The engineering firm is provided base Navara N-Trek models and then proceeds to fit specially engineered and developed suspension, front bar, lights, wheels, body parts and interior changes. We did a full walkthrough and even helped build one in our video here.

For now, the Navara Warrior is based on the current model Navara – not the new facelifted model revealed yesterday – and Nissan Australia has already confirmed it is working with Premcar on a Warrior upgrade for the new PRO-4X.

2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek offroad

Given the PRO-4X is much more a visual rather than a hardware upgraded variant, the Warrior makes sense. And it makes sense for Nissan globally, which said it is now looking at introducing a similar model in the next generation; a fully developed off-road-monster Navara/Frontier to take on the likes of the Ford Ranger Raptor.

“Yes we have a great impression of the [Navara] N-TREK Warrior and we’re taking this as an example of a very good collaboration shared with Premcar and are thinking of something,” said Navara product chief, Emmanuel Toledo.

“I cannot say more things but we think the performance of this vehicle is amazing,” he said.

At a global manufacturer-backed level, the next-gen Navara PRO-4X might indeed pack a whole lot more ability. Perhaps there’ll be a PRO-4X similar to what we see above, and then a pumped-up grade with even the potential of a V6 engine (available in the US’ Frontier). That would certainly help it keep up with the speculated mill inside the new Ford Ranger Raptor.

For now, we’ll see the PRO-4X launch locally in Australia early next year (pricing TBA), and a Warrior version will follow, giving locals a pretty tough looking and tough walking ute.

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