Sub $30k bike hits 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds

Third-generation GSX1300RR loaded with new technology. Australian arrival in mid-2021.

Since its launch in 1999, the Suzuki GSX1300RR Hayabusa has come to symbolize the best that Suzuki – and arguably sportsbikes in general – has to offer.

It may come as a surprise to some that only two distinct generations of the Hayabusa have been released, with the second arriving in 2008. Now, the third-generation of the GSX1300RR has been revealed ahead of local release later this year.

Gen 3 – Ultimate Sport

Carrying the tagline “Ultimate Sport”, the new Hayabusa will arrive as a 2022 model with a new look and a list of new features longer than your arm. A 1340cc inline four continues to power the Hayabusa, but updates have been applied to the engine and many other components, too. In fact, the twin-spar aluminium frame and swingarm are one of the few elements to carry over mostly unchanged.

The requirement to meet Euro 5 emissions standards was a key driver in the engine and exhaust system updates, but other changes, including a redesign of most of the engine internals, have resulted in smoother, more consistent power delivery at low and medium rpm, making the Hayabusa more usable as a regular ride. Importantly for a premium-priced performance bike, the changes have improved engine durability, too.

Suzuki previews 2022 Hayabusa

Maximum power of 140kW at 9700rpm is down on the Gen 2 Hayabusa, as is the maximum torque of 150Nm at 7000rpm, but power and torque delivery are now more consistent through the rev range, with 0-100km/h time improved to 3.2 seconds (from 3.4 seconds). 

Handling has been tweaked and front:rear balance adjusted to a perfect 50:50 ratio. In harmony with this, internal settings for the KYB suspension have been adjusted to improve shock absorption and increase straight-line stability.

Suzuki previews 2022 Hayabusa

Braking is now made up of Brembo Stylema calipers on the 320mm front brake discs, while a new alloy wheel design improves grip feel, enhanced by Bridgestone tyres that were created exclusively for the new-generation Hayabusa.

In terms of ergonomics, the handlebars now sit 12mm closer to the rider and use a floating mount to minimize vibration. The switchgear’s been redesigned for easier operation, too.

Suzuki previews 2022 Hayabusa

The most obvious change is the new-look bodywork, which offers a more aggressive, angular look, much of which has been driven by aerodynamic improvements. Wind protection and anti-lift characteristics are improved, with Suzuki claiming the new wind-cheating design offers one of the best drag co-efficient numbers of any motorcycle.

Along with the kind of changes to the fairing shape and windscreen configuration you’d expect, Suzuki designers drilled down on things like the mirror shape and even the brake lever design to improve aerodynamic efficiency at speed.

Suzuki previews 2022 Hayabusa

New Tech

The key new feature on the 2022 GSX1300RR Hayabusa is the bewildering amount of technical features available in the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS).

Leading this rider-assistance system is Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-a) with three preset and three selectable riding modes. Within this are three power modes, a 2-mode bi-directional quick shifter, 3-mode engine braking control, 10-mode wheelie control and 10-mode traction control system. All bar the power modes are switchable.

Suzuki previews 2022 Hayabusa

There’s also 3-mode launch control, cruise control, low rpm assist function and Suzuki Easy Start system, combined and motion track braking systems, emergency stop signal (that flashes the indicators under sudden high-speed braking), active speed limiter and even a hill-hold function.

While some of these rider assistance technologies are available on existing Suzuki models, they’re all new to the upcoming Hayabusa.

Controlling all of this is a new Inertial Measurement Unit that operates on 6 axes and is also connected to an all-new ABS set-up.

Bringing the electrics and other features into the new decade, the instrumentation features a new central TFT LCD screen. There’s also a new LED headlight and combination front indicator and position lights, as well as new LED rear combination lights.

Mid-Year Arrival

The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa is due to arrive around June/July, 2021, priced from $27,690 ride away. Online reservations are being taken now

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Brian DJH
Brian DJH
2 years ago

Nice review on a Sery Vexy machine. However, 3.2 secs isn’t that spectacular at all for such a bike. I have a 2014 Ducati Multistrada 1200 I bought new back then for $26K and it does the 0-100kph dash in 2.8 secs. It is a sit-up-straight riding style and not the boy racer Hayabusa lay-down aero style. However, I like the Hayabusa and respect it a lot – this new one looks nice. The top speed leaves my Multistrada way behind – mine only does about 255kph. The aeros on the Suzuki take it way above that to 300+ kph.

Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan