An original condition war-era British 350cc motorbike is up for auction.

Up for grabs is a very early model Velocette MAC, built in its first year of production.

A reliable single-cylinder motorbike in its day, this sold-as-is example up for auction by Slattery Auctions could be a bargain buy for a collector or enthusiast.

The single-cylinder engine underneath is a bored version of the MOV 250cc, taken out to 349cc. It helped the MAC reach a top speed of 121km/h and was regarded as a step above other British bikes like BSA or Matchless 350cc rivals. It has girder front forks and weighs 130kg, providing a blend of performance.

The MOV 250cc engine which was the base for the 350 here had an almost square cylinder and a high-set camshaft. With shorter pushrods the engine could reach an in-its-day roaring 5000rpm redline. The engine was bored out to 349cc in 1933 – the year of this particular example going to auction – and was produced for almost 25 years, popular as it was. 

Features include a magneto behind the cylinder and belt-driven dynamo up front, which can be disconnected by slacking off the belt when power for headlights is not needed – and thus increasing power output in day riding – or for daredevils at night…

Slattery Auctions is putting this 1933 Velocette MAC under the gavel in untested, as-is condition, providing the potential bargain for a keen-eyed buyer. 

View the listing here.

S/N: N2K554843


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