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Head to Head: Subaru XV Vs Mazda CX-3

So, which one wins and why?

This is both an easy one and a difficult decision at the same time. In all areas, except for boot space with the back seats folded down, the XV wins hands down over the CX-3, especially where these top-spec all-wheel drive models are concerned. But, there will be those who argue that the XV is bigger and so it isn’t a fair comparison… So, what do I think?

For me, the XV is the better buy at this top end simply because it’s a little bit bigger, matches the CX-3 for safety features, but is more versatile thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive system and X-Mode, not to mention its ground clearance. More than that, it’s connectivity is better than the CX-3 and it looks more like you expect a compact SUV to look; with a touch of ruggedness the CX-3 can’t match.

That said, there is a lot more variety in the CX-3 range than in the XV line-up, from two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive petrols to two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive diesel variants. And this variety means you can get into a CX-3 for a lot less than you can an XV. But, when comparing like with like, it’s the XV that takes the win.

Mazda CX-3 Vs Subaru XV

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Tarquin Farquhar the 3rd
Tarquin Farquhar the 3rd
4 years ago

The CX-3s packaging is so bad, that it is an automatic fail for me.

4 years ago

Agree Scooby is a better deal and can handle the rough stuff to some degree. The Mazda is for Singles who likes the idea of the outdoors but never go there. Still if it is style you are after ,the Mazda is the one. Subaru should bring more flash to there shapes. It just does not looks as good as they really are ,mechanical wise. And again ,who is that a#@H!?* who decided all interiors should be BLACK?

Ben Aubrey
Ben Aubrey
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

Well most other interior colours look rubbish

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober