27 Feb 2017

My BMW M5: five things I love, five things I hate

What’s it like to live with a decade-old BMW M5? Here’s one owner’s story…

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24 Feb 2017

How to buy your new Porsche 911

Premium vehicles like the Porsche 911 have a dizzying array of options, so let Porsche enthusiast Nicholas Travers guide you through the process…

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20 Feb 2017

Do you, or should you have a Lotus in your life?

From an HZ Holden to a lotus Elise… should you focus on creature comforts or the joy of driving when choosing a car?

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18 Feb 2017

The Ford Everest – off-road touring and my first year of ownership

I’d been considering the Ranger Wildtrak, but the Ford Everest made more sense… my car might now be Australia’s most modified Everest?

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15 Feb 2017

The evolution of a car enthusiast

Modified street cars to offroad 4WDs – how did I end up here or, the evolution of a car enthusiast.

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Tesla Model S and Jane Speechely for Practical Motoring
13 Feb 2017

The tide is turning and Tesla is on top of the wave

Tesla is changing the way the world thinks about automotive transport and it’s sparking an electric car revolution.

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11 Feb 2017

The Theatre of Driving… and why it’s so important

When cars have become so competent in the mechanics of driving, you need a little bit of theatre to make it all exciting.

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08 Feb 2017

A “Real” Porsche 911…

It’s an interesting term, ‘A “Real” Porsche 911’. But, what exactly is a “Real” Porsche 911?

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06 Feb 2017

Where is your next (Australian) taxi coming from?

Two subjects have been regulars during my airport taxi rides recently: Uber and the end of the Australian made car industry.

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