16 Jun 2017

Running repairs that give you the run around. Can you do it yourself?

Our regular commentator Geoff Lines has another story for you about dealer repairs…. I remember reading an article many years ago written by the RACV or some other automotive magazine about the price of spare parts for cars. The outcome of the article was that spare parts frequently cost 5

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12 Jun 2017

To modify or not to modify a 4X4? And by how much ? That is the question.

Being more of an AWD than 4X4 owner, I haven’t had a lot of experience modifying 4X4s. But I know it costs a lot. I have never spent much on mods for the 4X4s I have owned, but when a friend of mine purchased a pretty stock Nissan Navara, up

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10 May 2017

If you have a friend who is a crazy driver…

If you have a friend who is a crazy driver, chances are he’s been crazy from birth.

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21 Apr 2017

Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars. No It’s Not

Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars. No It’s Not! Someone I know has L2S4BC (Short for; “Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars”) as a number plate. But he’s wrong. Life’s not too short for boring cars.  Boring cars are what makes up 80-90 percent of the cars available.  As a

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The Suzuki Swift Sport isn't quite as aggressive as the Fiesta ST
03 Apr 2017

I tried to buy a Suzuki Swift Sport. Twice. And Failed.

Yes, I did try to buy a Suzuki Swift Sport. Twice. And failed. I know, you immediately think I’m either a nut bar or just not that smart but please bear with me…

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Using a mobile phone while driving
28 Mar 2017

There are no dangerous roads. Just dangerous drivers. Bring on driverless cars.

Dangerous roads are a thing of fiction, but dangerous drivers are a thing of fact.

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17 Mar 2017

Seems you can easily modify the 4×4, but you can’t modify driver behaviour

In the interests of full declaration, I must confess to only being a partial rev head and 4×4 nut.

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