Hyundai Tucson undergoes ANCAP crash testing.
17 Mar 2016

What exactly is an ANCAP 5-star crash safety rating, and why we need to improve crash test ratings…

Another day, another 5-star safety rating from ANCAP or EuroNCAP. But, Is there a better way?

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29 Feb 2016

When should you change gear for maximum acceleration?

Everybody’s got an opinion on when you should shift up for maximum acceleration, but they can’t all be right. Here’s how to change gear for maximum acceleration.

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29 Feb 2016

Reader help: towing with a diesel Mitsubishi Outlander and fuel consumption

A reader wants to know how much fuel might be saved by towing with a diesel… They’re considering a Mitsubishi Outlander.

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25 Feb 2016

Should your child learn to drive on private property?

Driving is inherently dangerous, so why not teach your kids to drive as safely as possible, meaning should they learn to drive on private property?

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New Ranger
24 Feb 2016

Reader help: should I buy a 4WD wagon or ute?

4WD utes have come of age, but are they the right choice for everyone? One reader asks if he should choose either a 4WD wagon or ute.

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23 Feb 2016

Reader help: what can replace my Land Rover Discovery?

A reader isn’t sure what else could match his Land Rover Discovery… Ford Everest? We offer some advice.

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rear-facing car seat
19 Feb 2016

Part 1: Child car seats – rear-facing vs forward-facing and age appropriate restraints

Choosing child car seats can be a minefield of misinformation. This article, the first in a series, looks at rear-facing Vs forward-facing and age appropriate child car restraints.

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A stack of car tyres to choose from
13 Feb 2016

How to read a car tyre

Ever noticed the numbers on the side of your car tyre? They tell you everything you need to know about your tyre’s speed ratings, load index and service description – we explain how to read a car tyre.

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09 Feb 2016

Reader help: which 4WD do I choose?

Two readers write in for help choosing between Land Rover Discovery 4, Defender and LandCruiser 76 Series… We try to help them choose the right 4WD.

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Calls for Lemon Laws to protect Australian car owners
01 Feb 2016

Why we need car lemon laws in Australia

Bought a new car that’s a dud? You have a lemon, but there are currently no Australian car lemon laws to help…

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Robert Kubica crash on ice
25 Jan 2016

Driving on ice can be difficult, watch how it catches out a pro rally driver

Robert Kubica was a highly-rated F1 driver and winner before a crash, now he’s a world rally car driver. Look how slowly he crashes while driving on ice…

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23 Jan 2016

Why the MX-5’s soft suspension doesn’t matter, and what’s missing in the power debate

The MX-5’s soft suspension makes for a lot of body roll in corners. Some people say this is a bad thing, but those people are wrong.

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19 Jan 2016

Law changes to make legal suspension lifts and lowers easier

Did you know suspension lifts or lowering your suspension was probably illegal? That’s now changed, thanks to the AAAA.

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Toyota Fortuner ground clearance not 279mm but 225mm
08 Jan 2016

Toyota Fortuner clarification: ground clearance is not 279mm, seats not user-removeable, towing in 4th gear

Toyota Australia clarifies questions regarding Toyota Fortuner: ground clearance, third row seats, towing… Here’s what you need to know.

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06 Jan 2016

In Defence of the Manual 4WD

Autos are better for driving off-road, everybody knows that, but that doesn’t mean to say the manual 4WD isn’t worth a look.

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