10 Nov 2015

How good is Subaru’s EyeSight AEB system?

Can Autonomous Emergency Braking systems like Subaru’s EyeSight help you avoid animals, like kangaroos?

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21 Oct 2015

Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 is an off-road 4×4 of the future

Ready or not, the Volkswagen Amarok points the way forwards for rough-terrain vehicles, meaning low-range is no longer the be-all and end-all for off-roaders.

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car aquaplaning
20 Oct 2015

Reduce the risk of aquaplaning

Here are seven life hacks to driving in wet weather, and why it’s vital you check the tread depth of your tyres to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

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How to buy a car on finance
09 Oct 2015

19 Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions Answered

It can be confusing when arranging finance for your new car, and we wanted to take some of the sting out of it, so here are 19 Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions Answered.

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Why premium fuel is a waste of money for most cars
01 Oct 2015

Are you being ripped off on claimed fuel consumption? No!

In the wake of #dieselgate there are now reports that consumers are being ripped off with cars that use far more fuel than their claimed fuel consumption.

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30 Sep 2015

Toyo Proxes R1R – Road and Track Test

One of the easiest, quickest and greatest improvements you can make to your car is to change the tyres. We put the Toyo Proxes R1R to the test.

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26 Sep 2015

Where can you legally mount LED lightbars?

LED lightbars are very popular vehicle additions, but as ever the road authorities across Australia have been slow to amend the rules – where can you legally mount LED lightbars?

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How to buy a car
26 Sep 2015

Buying your new car – Head or Heart?

Buying your new car is probably the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make. So, how should you choose – with your head or your heart? We have the answer.

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things drivers need to unlearn
25 Sep 2015

The 13 driving techniques you need to unlearn

Cars have advanced rapidly, and your driving technique needs too as well… Here are the 13 driving techniques you need to unlearn.

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07 Sep 2015

A guide to 4X4 driving for sports car owners

4X4 drivers and sports car drivers – premium car makers think they’re the same, but are they? Here’s our guide to 4×4 driving for sports car owners.

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Seasonal motoring checks
06 Sep 2015

6 simple motoring checks to keep your car healthy

The weather can be unpredictable, with weeks of rain in summer and warmer weather in winter, perform these six simple motoring checks to keep you car healthy.

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06 Sep 2015

Offroad driving myths busted

There are plenty of myth-conceptions when it comes to driving off-road, here are 26 off-road driving myths, busted – Bet you’re guilty of No.17…

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How to drive like James Bond
28 Aug 2015

How to drive like James Bond… sort of

Not sure about you but I’ve always wanted to be a spy… and Land Rover gave me a taste of that a few years ago when it taught me how to drive like James Bond… sort of.

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25 Aug 2015

How to reverse park a car

Sounds like something everyone should be able to do, but not everyone can. Here’s how to reverse park a car. NOT EVERYONE IS a confident car parker. So, we’ve decided to help out, because parking is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4… see what we did there? 1. Roll down the centre

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Choosing a new family car
09 Aug 2015

How to choose a family car

Are you looking for a new car to accommodate your growing family? Want something safe and spacious that’ll meet all your ‘family’ needs? Here’s how to choose a family car.

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