A reader isn’t sure what else could match his Land Rover Discovery… Ford Everest? We offer some advice.

I’ve been following your blog and your work on Practical Motoring, and I’ve been keeping an eye out to see if you’re going to do a review of the Everest. I haven’t seen one yet.

I’m contemplating moving on from my D3. It’s getting long in the tooth and just had the alternator burn out recently. I’m not interested in any ute, the Ranger included, but have an interest in the Everest, however was a bit put off by the hard plasticky interior of the one I saw in the showroom. I haven’t got around to a test drive, though.

I just love the road manners of the D3, and love its ability off road too. I may well be disappointed in a vehicle that didn’t have the same feel.
It has to be a daily driver – therefore must be comfortable and well mannered, but capable enough for Medium level tracks in the high country every so often 3-4 times per year…  Not interested in trying to go through boggy holes or to conquer deep ruts created by Nissan Patrols with 33″ muddies and 10″ lift.  Just those lovely natural high country tracks.
Needs to have some aftermarket options.  Like bull bar etc. 
What’s your view of the Everest?
What vehicles do you think should be on my list to consider?
Practical Motoring Says: The Everest is on the review list, but things keep getting in the way. It’ll happen. I have had some experience with the vehicle but not yet done a comprehensive review.
Your question is difficult to answer, and I don’t have a perfect solution for you.
The Discovery 3, 4 and now just “Discovery” are a problem car because whatever you drive next will never be as good in terms of handling, refinement and all-round performance as a seven seater, towcar, off-roader and general duty wagon. In that respect, there is nothing better in the class of serious 4WDs that you could accessorise and tour. For example, I switched from a D3 to a Ranger, and I can say the Ranger is not as capable off-road as the Discovery, for example.
If you didn’t want off-road capabiity there would be the BMW X cars, Mercedes SUV range and Audis Q cars, all of which will match or better the refinement of the Discovery.
There are cars in that range which are quite capable off-road – the Mercedes-Benz GL350 with off-road pack, the air-sprung Porsche Cayennes, the VW Touareg for example. If you want to stay with Land Rover, Discovery, Range Rover Sport or Range Rover are all superb offroaders and will give you the Discovery feel. As an outsider, the Lexus LX570 is a great car, but sadly soggy on the road. However, these vehicles tend to run easily damaged low-profile tyres and rims, as well as lacking recovery points and full-sized spares, so those issues need to be addressed before real off-road work is done.
But if you want to fit a bullbar then there’s a problem because none of those cars are well supported in the aftermarket to say the least.
So you’re going to have to choose between a premium vehicle that will be like your Discovery in handling and refinement, or a lesser vehicle for which you can buy accessories and will, arguably, be more bushable and cheaper to run. The Everest is more or less par for the course in this segment, but also look at Prado and LC200 which are well built and capable but not refined nor are sharp handlers. I don’t think you’d be happy with the likes of the MU-X, HAVAL H9 or Toyota Fortuner. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is limited on cargo room compared to the D3, but if that’s not a concern check it out too.
In summary, you won’t find a car as refined and capable as the Discovery that you can accessorise for the bush.



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  1. Stick with D4(edit – BUY the D4), I went in an Amaro through the high country, and felt nauseous for the first day. Cannot beat the suspension of the Discovery’.

  2. Agree the disco rocks although the last time I was in a d3 I thought the dash was a bit plasticy too.
    I suspect the terrain management in the Everest goes much of the way in bridging the gap in of road capability experienced between the ranger and the d3.

    Jeeps probably closest for refinement and accoutrements if that’s youre thing

      1. Did not say anywhere in his letter he wants ‘refinement’
        Pajero has independent suspension so road manner will be closer to the D3 then an Everest.
        Is very capable for the type of off road driving he will be doing.
        Huge support for bull bars ect.
        And is small/comfortable enough to daily.
        So what box does it not tick Robert?

        1. Refinement was my word to summarise:

          I just love the road manners of the D3, and love its ability
          off road too. I may well be disappointed in a vehicle that didn’t have
          the same feel.

          It has to be a daily driver – therefore must be comfortable and well mannered,

          The Pajero a long, long way behind the Discovery for onroad handling, power, quietness, luxury and interior design. The fact both vehicles share independent suspension is as relevant as them both having four wheels. There is no way a Discovery owner who loves their road manners, comfort and “well mannered” vehicle would like the rough, slow-steering Pajero with its old interior.

          I admire the Pajero and very much believe it is a great 4WD, but it’s not the answer for a Discovery owner looking to change and keep the same level of refinement.

          Full review here ->


          1. If the pajero is a long way behind for onroad handling and is excluded so to should the prado.

            Agree The pajero does ride harsh

          2. The Prado has a superb ride and is a more comfortable, modern vehicle. It also has better NVH. It is no Discovery, but I think an up-spec model would be closer to what the reader wants. The up-spec Pajero..not so much.

          3. Agree prado is a comfier, quieter ride. But it cant match pajero or disco for handling.

            In summary,
            go with a d4.
            Want to change? Everest
            Feeling lucky? Jeep.

          4. Road manners, means it drives like a big car not a truck.
            Pajero has no where near the body roll of a Prado, or other body on frame wagons.
            Pajero does not have EPAS so you get some feed back from the wheel, even if it is not the fastest rack.
            Pajero has more power more, torque and is 200kg lighter then the D3, so for performance it would more the Exceed the D3.

          5. EPAS gives superb steering results nowadays which is why it’s used on many sports cars like Porsches and the 86/BRZ.

            Pajero rolls, like any medium sized offroader. Discovery rolls less as it can lower its centre of gravity, and it has stiff swaybars as it has cross-linked air suspension for offroad flex.

            The Pajero diesel is less powerful and less torquey than the Discovery, and the the Discovery has 8 speeds. We’re talking here of current models, not the Discovery 3 which still had 6 speeds to the Pajero’s 5.

            The Pajero is a great 4WD, but it’s not a Discovery. Not the same price, either.

          6. 911s have never been criticized more then now, due solely to the fact they have EPAS. It is used to save fuel, not for better feel.

            Pajero rolls less then just about any body on frame SUV, and has the advantage of IRS, like the Disco. It also has swaybars. Does not have air suspension(less to go wrong)

            If he is used to the D3 the Paj’ will still be a step up in performance, just not as much as the D4 would be.

            Nothing wrong with the Dakar developed 5 speed in the Pajero, (Did we mention how many times the Paj’ has won Dakar?)

            If you want 8 speeds get the Paj’ sport.

            I am not saying the Pajero is better then a D4, but it would be a suitable replacement for his D3.

  3. I’m the reader in question. Thanks for all the comments. Robert is correct in his use of the word refinement regarding what I want. It is definitely an important factor for me. I have always had my eye on the D4 anyway, but it’s good to see what other views and suggestions people have. Thanks again.

    1. If you can afford another Discovery, I would strongly recommend you buy one.
      The only 4WD that beats the Disco it is its more expensive brother the Range Rover.

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