07 Jun 2016

A Smartbar bullbar proving its worth

Bullbars are contentious, except in rural areas where most people regard them as a necessity. But can a plastic bullbar protect a car?

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27 May 2016

Are genuine car parts best?

Your car is a bundle of parts, and there are lots of different ways those parts can be supplied, and who can make them… so, are genuine car parts best?

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How to recover from a skid
25 May 2016

How to recover from a skid

What do you do if the rear of your car starts to slide around and try and overtake the front, or oversteer? Here’s how to recover from a skid.

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13 May 2016

Tuning suspension for Australian conditions with the new Hyundai Elantra SR

We spent a day with Hyundai’s local engineering team tuning the new Elantra Sr, and discovered that Tuning suspension is science, art and a lot of a hard work.

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10 May 2016

Simple tips to help you win your team’s go-karting event

Indoor go-karting has long been a popular team-building event for companies, but who cares about bonding… it’s all about winning, and here’s how.

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01 May 2016

Reader help: I want a family sportscar!

Torn between family duties and a desire for a sportscar, our reader speaks for many of us. Hi,   Firstly – love the site guys. Keep up the great work.   Just thought I’d put out a potential review/comparison request I would love to see and that I think is

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24 Apr 2016

Reader Question: Should I convert my manual 4X4 to an automatic transmission?

A reader has asked about converting a manual transmission to an Automatic transmission, we explain the pros and cons.

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16 Apr 2016

Reader Question: My trailer tyres are a different size to the towcar, does this matter?

A common question from owners of 4WDs who tow a camper trailer is whether a difference in tyre size between towcar and trailer matters…

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13 Apr 2016

Explained: Audi RS 6 and RS 7 Performance technical details

Cars these days rely on technology for performance, so here’s how Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive and associated tech works on the new RS 6 and RS 7.

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04 Apr 2016

How to enjoy camping

‘Going camping’ in Australia is seemingly in our DNA, yet many still regard it as a chore. Here’s how to enjoy camping, because it’s fun… isn’t it?

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2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk review
04 Apr 2016

Reader Question: I want to replace my Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk… or do I?

Should I sell or should I keep? The eternal question, this time a reader has asked about a Jeep Cherokee trailhawk they’re losing confidence in…

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How to run in a new car
03 Apr 2016

How to run in a new car

When you buy a brand new car with only a handful of kilometres showing on the odometer, you have to go easy on it… Here’s how to run in a car.

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02 Apr 2016

Reader Question: How to control oversteer in a 4×4…

Nobody wants to skid backwards into a ditch… so, how do you control oversteer in a 4×4 with mud-caked tyres? Read on…

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2015 Kia Sorento review
01 Apr 2016

Reader Question: My Kia Sorento can’t tow my Jayco camper… what to do?

When will manufacturers start to issue proper tow ratings? This time the mismatch between ball and towing capacity of the Kia Sorento has a reader asking questions…

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28 Mar 2016

Mirrorlink review : Android

We review Mirrorlink, one of the new breed of smartphone-connected car infotainment systems. BACK IN the day in-car entertainment was simple. You had a push-button stereo system that could tune into AM or FM, and there would be six presets. Then came cassette players and CDs, but that was ok because

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