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What! New 2021 Toyota Hilux images leak overseas

An image and specs ‘leak’ shows what we can expect from the upcoming 2021 Toyota Hilux facelift this year.

RENDERED IMAGES of the 2021 Toyota HiLux facelift have leaked online thanks to a global Toyota exporting business which has shown renderings based on internal documents.
The leak was broken exclusively by Milele Motors, which exports brand new Toyota motors around the world tax-free, including Australia.

The heavy facelift shown here brings a new LED headlamp design, larger front grille inspired by US truck styling and revisions to the rear of the vehicle. As reported by CarAdvice’s Johsua Dowling last month, the facelift is expected to arrive in Australia in July this year, along with a bump in power and torque from the 2.8-litre turbo diesel’s 130kW/450Nm automatic and 130kW/420Nm manual outputs.

This is the closest look yet at what the new facelift will bring though keep in mind the renderings are not official. As you can see, there are two versions of the HiLux rendered. We take it that the less dramatic makeover is for the 2021 facelift.

Reported by the website is that the update will bring new 18-inch alloy wheels, new active safety systems and new halogen headlamp for lower grade models which will also come with new 17-inch alloy wheel designs. It goes on to suggest there will also be new colours: emotional red, oxide bronze and dark blue metallic.

It’s entirely possible that this is a publicity stunt for the global exporter, however, it is known that Toyota will be bringing a facelift and revised Hilux to dealers soon.

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3 years ago

cool! still waiting the official coming~

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