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VW Tristar concept hints at T6 Transporter design

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles announces next-generation T6 Transporter, saying Tristar concept hints at design direction of the new model Transporter to be introduced in the “forseeable future”.

LESS THAN A DAYT AFTER it revealed its Transporter-based Tristar concept at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has announced the release of the T6 Transporter. That said, VW didn’t commit to a release date for the next-generation Transporter.

“The IAA is the starting point for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to embark on an intensive period. In 2015, we are renewing our most important model – the T-series,” said Dr Eckhard Scholz, CEO at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

“The T5 is our best-seller and demand remains buoyant as before. That’s why we are working extra shifts. We see the uninterrupted enthusiasm of our customers for the success model as both recognition and incentive to make the next model into a best-seller.

“We can already announce today that we are proud to present the T6 within the foreseeable future. It will incorporate the excellent characteristics of the T5 and it will also feature a whole load of new technology innovations. The result will again be an outstanding, reliable, technically refined, mobile companion for our customers to pursue their trade and leisure time activities. Until then, the T5 will remain our sales hit.”

Details are virtually non-existent although various reports suggest that Volkswagen told reporters its Tristar concept offered the best idea of the design direction of the T6. Automotive website World Car Fans has previously published spy photos of the T6 Transporter testing (pictured below).

Transporter T6 announced

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober