A week after Toyota announced an update for its 86 sportscar, Subaru has announced similar changes to its BRZ – a twin of the Toyota 86.

WHEN THE PR PEOPLE use a word like ‘tweak’ to describe an update you know it is really is a minor update. The Subaru BRZ gets revised suspension damping, which oddly enough Toyota also fitted to the 86 but they went on about it for ages and invoked the godlike figure of the chief engineer. Subaru just claim it’s for “optimum contact on uneven roads”. Perhaps they’ve made the ride a bit softer, but that would probably mean more body roll at the track. Which could translate into marginally slower times and more fun. But anyway, like we said with the 86 ugprade, you’re very unlikely to notice the difference and if you want to play with your suspension there’s plenty of aftermarket kits.

On the cosmetic front there’s a shark fin antenna, many of which are available aftermarket anyway. Sensibly, no claim is made for directional stability or aerodynamic benefit.

Smart key tech is upgraded with a much smarter looking key – there’s no functional difference aside from the Subaru logo being the “unlock car” button. This is a small but welcome improvement as the previous model has a tacky plastic effort, but this new version is much more appropriate to the car.

Subaru updates the BRZ

There’s three new colours – crystal white pearl, ice silver metallic and World Rally Blue, because its Subaru. You’ll need to supply your own gold wheels and 555 numbering though. The price is unchanged at $37,150 for the manual as the National Driveaway price which includes 12 months rego, stamp duty, CTP and a provision for insurance.

So in summary, nothing worth hanging out for and you’re better off driving a harder bargain on run-out stock. The BRZ remains a superb sportscar and one well worth owning. Check our 86 Long Term report for an insight into ownership of the Toyota cousin.


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