Toyota Australia has teased a Tonka-inspired HiLux which follows on from examples its US outfit has created using the Toyota 4Runner. 

TOYOTA AUSTRALIA designers are being allowed to tap into their inner child to create a Tonka-inspired HiLux. Toyota US has previously worked with Tonka using the larger 4Runner as a base.

Toyota yesterday teased a sketch of the Tonka-esque HiLux, which it expects to reveal in the next few months and which will be a fully-drivable concept. Toyota said, “This trusted workhorse will be elevated to great heights by all-new underpinnings including custom suspension and massive wheels and tyres, transforming an already hugely capable off-roader into a prodigious rock climber”.

The Tonka HiLux is based on an SR5 HiLux and, in addition to tweaks to suspension, etc will also get “aggressive new bumpers, grille, tailgate, wheel-arches and door mouldings among other new components”. It will be painted in typical yellow and black Tonka colours.

Toyota Australia’s product design chief Nicolas Hogios said, “We expect the extreme style and capability of our re-imagined HiLux will capture the imagination of kids and adults alike.

“HiLux is such a great canvas, and we really pushed the envelope by marrying our number-one seller with the Tonka brand,” he said.

Question: What other vehicles would you like to see get the Tonka treatment?


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