Toyota’s boffins have revealed clever new software with virtual crash test dummies that are far more sophisticated that physical dummies.

IS THE END OF the crash test dummy in sight? Toyota’s boffins have revealed the latest version of their virtual crash test dummy software which is able to simulate the instincts of a driver and passenger during a car crash.

“You are in a car and you know you are about to hit something. If you are the driver, you’re likely to hit the brakes and turn the wheel; if you’re a passenger, aware of what’s about to happen, your instinct is to brace yourself for impact,” Toyota said in a statement.

According to Toyota, a physical crash test dummy isn’t able to replicate this driver or passenger behaviour, merely register impact forces during a crash. But it says its new THUMS virtual human modelling software can do just that.

“The latest version of THUMS adds a muscle modelling feature that can simulate he body attitude of different vehicle occupants, from relaxed to braced, allowing for more detailed computer analysis of the injures collisions can cause.

“Until now, THUMS could only simulate changes in posture after a collision has happened, but the new Version 5 model allows changes prior to an impact to be scrutinised. This means the performance of seatbelts, airbags and other safety equipment can be studied more accurately, as well as more advanced pre-collision systems. The intelligence gained will help in the development of new safety technologies that can provide better occupant protection,” Toyota said.


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