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Toyota Corolla GR set for reveal this week

Toyota confirms the reveal date for its new GR Corolla.

Toyota has given us a peek at its forthcoming GR Corolla that will be revealed on Friday in full.

In a teaser video, the badge and GR-Four can be seen, along with a reveal date for April 1. The latest teaser join an earlier video which showed the Corolla’s satnav and, again, a car called”GR Four” – Toyota’s name for its performance all-wheel driven system, also used on the GR Yaris.

The end of the video also shows a rear view of the new GR Corolla which has a rear spoiler and similar tailights to the Corolla.

Shown for the model has also been an automatic transmission, although it’s unclear what spec Australia will receive (both a manual and automatic, or perhaps just a manual model).

The GR Corolla will be on sale in 2023. It is expected to use the same turbocharged engine that powers the GR Yaris, a 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder turbocharged petrol. A glimpse of the instrument cluster showed “G:16”, where the time is usually displayed. This is believed to be a reference the GR Yaris G16E–GTS engine code. However, power is likely to swell from 192kW to 200kW in the Corolla.

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