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Nissan D40 Navara caught up in chassis snap drama…

UK owners of Nissan D40 Navaras are calling for a recall because of an alleged issue with the chassis that can see some vehicles snap in half.

OWNERS OF D40 Nissan Navaras in the UK are up in arms and calling on the Japanese car maker to issue a recall and correct an alleged rust issue which can lead to the chassis snapping in half. And now a UK Government Transport Select Committee has been established to investigate this and other issues with other car makers.

Speaking ahead of a meeting today, committee member Huw Merriman called on Nissan to recall the D40 Navara. It’s worth noting that the D40 Navara sold in Europe is made in Spain… Australian delivered D40 Navaras are built in Thailand and thus are not affected.

Nissan Australia’s general manager of corporate communications, Peter Fadeyev provided Practical Motoring with the following statement:

“To-date we have no reported instances of this matter in Australia. Overseas, we’re aware of the issue in a relatively small number of previous generation Navara’s (D40) and have taken action. [Nissan UK allegedly purchased a handful of affected cars from owners]

“We’ve put measures in place to quickly resolve the concerns of any customers who have contacted us about this. Nissan is backing customers even though the affected vehicles are up to 12-years-old.

“Depending on the age of the vehicle, these measures include a free and independent inspection of the vehicle where appropriate on older vehicles, if that inspection shows there’s an issue, we’ll do the right thing by the customer under our warranty and customer service policies.

“Many vehicles which have been checked have had no issue, however should any concern be found we have a number of options in place to support the customer. This could range from directing the customer to appropriate repair, supporting costs, repairing the vehicle or even exchanging it, however that will depend on the circumstances of the specific situation.

“Any concerned customers should contact the Nissan Care team (UK) on 0330 123 1231. Our team is on hand to help and can advise on the most appropriate course of action for each customer and their vehicle.”

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober

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